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The First Line Chosen

Okay, firstly-

"An idea flew to mind, rendering me speechless because finally, my brain had started working." - Me

Olá, dear deadlings, I'm writing this from my bookish grave of unlikable books and devilish slumps. Can you tell I need a donut? Yeah, me too. Today, right now, right at this second, I've decided to become productive. Yes, Outer Banks has taken over my life and reading has taken the backseat (which is terrible, by the way. But unfortunately, I'm currently trash for that show and I have no idea how to stop), so I'm taking these wonderfully delicious first lines from the vault that is, as of now, open to the eyes of the stars and Aaron Warner. Aka, for me and the fictional peeps that make me cry over them and walk on, leaving me sobbing in the dust.

Now, before I get into it, I must explain my method for choosing a book. Quite simple, really.

The first line.

That's a make-or-break thing for this reader right here. I need that line to grab me by the feathers and shake my nest from under my claws, I crave for it to rip out some part of me and make my flabbergasted self go:

"Oh" "Oh, dear."

I want that line to destroy any chance for any other book to take the place of the one I need to read. Even if the book ends up being a crappy, useless waste of trees, at least I had that line.


These are definitely a few out of the hundreds of amazing first lines, but you know, I want to make a part two, you know? Even if some of these books weren't up to par with their delicious first lines, they still were worth even the suffering of crappy chapters. But other ones, in this list, will forever hold the shovel to my ghostly grave.

Any first lines that struck y'all in the deepest crevices of your soul? That hooked you?

And hey, last lines are always the ones that burrow close to memories and break even the strongest of warriors (aka, I SUFFER. A LOT):

"Adios, and stay sassy dear deadlings!" -Moi

(hehe, see what I did there- okay, I'll stop)