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The Brightest Night

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

Less than a year ago, Evelyn Dasher was a normal girl, living an unremarkable life.

Now, she's on the run, under the protection of the beautiful, deadly inhuman Luc. She's been betrayed by those who were closest to her. And she's learned truths about herself that she never saw coming--things she once knew, and was made to forget. Truths with devastating consequences. She's caught in the eye of the storm.

He is the darkest star.

You are the burning shadow.

And together, you will bring about the brightest night.

The thrills, drama, and intrigue continue in the third installment of the Origin series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout.

I gave up.

Honest to Hades, there was absolutely no ‘romantic’ moment in this novel in which I didn’t feel the need to taste last week's food from my esophagus. I think I tasted last year’s Thanksgiving turkey as well.

That was my mood throughout the whole story, but after 8 hours of sleep in which a Greek God visited me and basically threatened to kill me (please don't ask, I have no idea), I have come to the certain conclusion that...

I actually really liked this book.

I know, I know, the two testaments up above say the contrary, but if it weren't for the disgusting romance, I would've given this book a solid 4.5 stars. Because everything just came together so flawlessly that it left me breathless amidst all the action that was occurring. And I do not mean the action between Luc and the MC. Lord knows I saw too much of THAT to last me a lifetime. And to think there's a book after this one. Oh, Athena, have mercy.

This story continues after the last book (pfft, call me Mrs. obvious) so if you want to read this one, make sure to read the rest. And I'm not saying that to be annoying, this girl right here has started countless series from the last book because I didn't see the little number that clearly said PART OF A SERIES, YOU MORON. The moron part implied, of course.

I simply adored the plot in and of itself. The things that happened, the betrayals that left me flabbergasted (even when I saw them coming a little way off), the way some things were handled. They were absolutely wonderful. The first book in a while where the plot isn't a disappointment! Ayyyy. See, I have a massive crush on the Lux Series. Like, trample me over, and I still would sell my soul for you, type of crush. Since the starting page, everything has been so engaging and utterly intriguing, because helloooo, ALIENS. HOT ALIENS. How could I not fall irrecoverably in love? That's like handing me steak and expecting me not to devour it. Rude and unfair. The author receives a gold medal from me and the countless amount of screaming that took place when I saw certain twists at the end. THE END, Y'ALL. YOU SHOULD JUST READ IT FOR THE LAST CHAPTER.

Booksy will forever admit that the writing is amazing. I adore the way certain things are described, a minimal amount of ellipsis, understandable fight scenes in which I don't have the notion of motion sickness. It was rejuvenating to see metaphors used in a timely manner, and it made me feel extraordinarily happy that the author didn't disappoint in that. Browny points for youuuu.

I would definitely say that the characters are my family at this point. All of them connected personally with my heart and if someone kills them, I don't give a donkey's behind if I'm human, I'm pretty sure I'll find something that's cause intense damage. Don't make me smash your head in like a Chuckie Cheese's game. Oh dear goodness, how I miss that- A healthy outlet for anger issues.

But instead! Of course, they gave me the MC to vent my frustrations on. And yes, I'll start with her because oh man, I want to destroy her existence.

There was a specific point in this book in which Sarcastic Booksy really got her mojo on. And it was in every chapter in which this idiotic YA trash appeared. So basically, every chapter.

And it's not that she's useless or anything, because she totally is. But just because the chick thought everything revolved around her. Like, boo, if the sun doesn't come up. It's either because you have the blinds on and are too dumb to recognize it, or it got tired of shining on you. Also, perhaps there isn't a sun yet because it is NIGHT TIME. Voila! Mission completed. She was annoying, lacked any sort of confidence, and frankly, could've been so much better had she not been hindered by her 'soft' heart and sense of conscience that intervened in the worst moments possible. I loved how the author tried to portray her as this strong alien thingy, and of course, because why not make me more miserable, added the 'not like other aliens' trope. Seriously? This girl who has no smidgen of tolerable personality whatsoever? Her? Stronger than Luc? Pffft, no. I liked her about twice throughout it all because her 'evil' self shone and I actually appreciated that too much to be considered normal.

Now, I need to have a talk with Luc. Like, a full-fledged mature talk with an excessive amount of screaming in between lectures. Mainly, what the heck does he see in her??? I really need to know. He needs to remind her that 'baby, this is not your fault, nothing is your fault. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you' at least a minimum of 56 times per paragraph. I think nobody taught 'Evie' that one must love oneself before trying to love someone else. Either that or my beautiful Luc got replaced by a parasitic imbecile. And I really don't want that theory to come to fruition. As always, his sarcasm nurtured my soul and his lovable, squishable personality was like... a bite of chocolate during times of duress. In other words, if someone or something tries to make him 'better' I will break them.

The rest of the characters were my life source. They kept me breathing through the tough times of the 'tub' scene and the cheesy lines that threatened my will to draw breath. All of them and some, are part of the 'Lux' universe. Which, little advice, don't read the novellas. I read one. And it um... it traumatized me. I felt like I was in a Cheese Factory. And not the good kind. I'll mention a few of the ones that marked my soul with scriptures of adoration.

Daemon was/is and forever will be absolute perfection. Unless you count the moronic decision he made.

Dawson can die already. Okay maybe not.

Archer is gorgeous in every way.

Hunter is bae/husband/ lifelong material.

Grayson is... wow. He's awe-inspiring.

Eaton is the person I never knew I needed but crave to understand.

And the girls? Well...

Kat, which I despise for the time being because of a certain decision Daemon and she took.

Beth can get run over by a truck, thrown off a cliff and basically be exiled to the afterlife for all I care.

Serena is meh.

The rest of the women were amazing so I truly don't understand why the 'main' girls were idiots incapable of protecting themselves.

Speaking of that certain topic, I just want to say that the romance? Yeah, that thing is definitely not legal. I love how they 'love' each other, but what I do not love is the fact that the guys are always so goshdarned set on protecting the women EVEN THOUGH, they're stupidly connected. Which MEANS that if one dies, so does the other. Logic? I think the heck not.

I think that that is really one of the most infuriating things to read about. I kept expecting the ladies to be fed up with all the protective macho stuff and buy a backbone from someone. Which the MC miraculously did. Once. And it lasted for about 15 pages. I wanted to scream at all of them that yes, you want to keep them safe. But you're not doing them any favors by protecting them in each and every circumstance. Let them grow strong! Geez...

As ranted way up above, the relationship in this book was nauseating. The main reason being that they couldn't be apart. Not even for one second. Going to the bathroom? Let me help you wipe. Going outside? Let me come with you. Needing some time alone? Pfft, we don't know her. And it was so drastic watching the MC get frustrated when Luc clearly wanted some time to think. There literally was a whole chapter where she was all:

And I stayed up waiting.

How could I not?

Like, exqueeze me, someone definitely failed to mention the fact that y'all were conjoined. And don't even get me started on when they had to go to war.

I've never heard the words 'I love you' so many dang times.

I love you forever.

I love you too.

You are my everything.

I am your everything.

I love you, remember that.

I will always love you.

Next time someone goes to the Grocery Store I bet my right ear that one of them will be all:

Please return to me, my love. I have and will forever wait for you.

So... do you want something from the store, my love?

Yes, I need you to come back as quickly as possible.

I need you.

I need you too.

*intense lip-locking*

Remind me again why this made me despise Luc at times-

On a closing note, if I end up re-reading, I'll be done in about two hours with the amount of skipping that will take place. I'm a masochist, but even I have limits in which I'll stop torturing myself. This read was enjoyable and I wished it would've taken me a shorter amount of time to finish, however, it wasn't because it was awful, because it wasn't. Just because all the lovey-dovey stuff required an intense amount of brain bleaching-

Some extra notes because I want y'all to suffer with me <3

“I love you, he said, and I felt the power of what he felt in his kiss. I love you with every breath I take, Nadia. I will bring you back.”

For the love of everything good. Please don't.

“Never, he promised. I will never give up on you.”

Ha! I did. By chapter 5.

“I hit the ground hard, weakened and unprepared for the sudden lack of support. Stunned that Luc had let go, had let me fall,”

Oh sorry, someone failed to mention the fact that you are a person without him. Pity.

“It was the raw power of what we felt for each other. It was love, the kind that could level entire civilizations, the kind that could rebuild them. Love was the thunder in our hearts, the lightning in our veins, and it was what kept us together where we landed, even after our skin had begun to cool and our breaths had slowed.”

I- I actually have no words. It is that disgusting.

“I had a headache.

Okay, I didn’t have a real headache, but I had an imaginary one that felt as painful as any I’d ever had.”

Do I care? I missed the moment where I said I did.

“You’re a gift. You’ve always been the most precious gift life has ever handed me. Can I ever be worthy of that?” he whispered. “Of you?”

It was at this moment, where Booksy knew. She gave up.

“You want to get out of here? I asked.

Actually, I do need some fresh air.

I started to rise, but his voice stopped me.

Alone. I’ll meet you back at the house. Don’t wait up.

And with that, he left the room without a single look back.”

Do- Do y'all see my problem HERE.


  • Seriously? The ending paragraphs.

  • And the secondary characters.

  • And the MCs death, whenever that happens.

  • Also, please, porfavor, sil vou plait, let the girls in the other book at least have a modicum of fighting skills.

  • As always... the ALIENS.

  • I now hate the words 'I love you'

*fanning myself* Aliens, wow...

This, THIS was what made everything worth it.

“Never come for me.” He slowly slid his hand out from under my head as his lips brushed the corner of mine. “Never look for me. If you do, I will take everything from you.”