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Stuck With You

by Alexandra Moody


Stuck in lockdown with the one guy she can’t stand, what could possibly go wrong?

Seventeen-year-old Clary’s senior year has gone up in flames. Thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world, school is canceled and everyone’s going into lockdown. To top it off, her parents are stranded overseas with no way to get home.

Just when Clary thinks things can’t get any worse for her, she finds out she’s being sent into lockdown with the most irritating guy on the planet—Harford High’s notorious heartbreaker, Aiden Moore.

Sure, Aiden is gorgeous, but he’s also completely arrogant and constantly trying to get under Clary’s skin. For most girls, quarantining with Aiden would be a dream come true. For Clary, it’s a total nightmare.

But they’re about to become lockdown buddies whether Clary likes it or not, and resisting Aiden’s devilish charms might be harder than she thought.

Don't let the cover deter you, this is actually a YA book. Even shirtless constipated-guy covers have infected our lovely cover community. This is not a review but a much-needed rant, so as I do not recommend this necessarily (unless you were like me and just wanted to read it just because you wanted something light and fun) Feel free to keep on reading, because honestly, it's an Allergy commercial for books such as this one.

RATING: 🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐ 1.5


I was stuck.

With the urge to regurgitate last month's meals.

On every page.

So yes, this is going to be one of THOSE reviews.


((By the way, I made a whole butt load of notes, so be prepared))

Hello! Yes, *clears throat* This is my ghost speaking because this book had me dead on page 39. But I still finished it! HA HA, I still did. Wow, I truly don't have a brain anymore. Like, I had my theories, but this has confirmed it. Let's begin by saying, that this rant is in no way supposed to insult the author or anything, it's supposed to insult the book. And the characters. And the storyline. And the dialogue. And the setting. And- okay, I think y'all already know what else I'm going to say.

But I don't mean to insult the author in any way. I have read books from Alexandra Moody, like three and only liked one, but I still have hope.

So diving into the whole mess this will grow to be, I just want to justify myself in The Court of Me, that I KNEW what I was getting into. But I just didn't UNDERSTAND, how many horrifying cliches this was going to have. This is THAT journey. Shall we commence?

Okay, let's begin with the characters. *snort*

There's the MC, named Clary, and she's the sweetest, kindest, most angelic girl you could ever meet (Snow White 2.0) and she also happens to be "not like other girls". Oh my ladyness, guys, I totally didn't see that coming! How could I? When all she does is help people and NOT fall in love with the super, duper, player, hot guy. That is so unique *sigh*, if only I could be "not like other girls" with her. She also happens to be model gorgeous, but NO, never has a guy taken a liking to her "ethereal" beauty. Oh! She is a slight nerd and as we all know, she is SUCH an outcast. I would TOTALLY want to be friends with her. And guys... I actually found a yearbook photo of her! I think her personality shines bright as steam in it. And did I mention she cooks? *another sigh* Such "not like other girls" vibe, right there.

Not to forget that she does many ~insightful~ things as well!

Like, that time in which she wanted to prank Aiden by pretending to be in love with him. And then they had this semi queasy, awkward moment. Which could’ve NEVER been avoided. Haha. What the heck.

But I’m getting ahead, (like their relationship) since we already establish she’s NOT like other girls (obviously), let’s move on to the guy. Who’s JUST like the other guys. Y’all see the trend here?

Aiden. Dear Aiden. I liked you from page 5 to page 7, because it actually seemed like you had a smidgen of personality. However, that tepid hope was bashed in with a mallet, in the following statements.

“Clary wasn’t like the other girls we went to school with. She didn’t bat her eyelashes at me, and she didn’t swoon whenever I turned my attention on her. If anything, I only seemed to annoy her, and as a result, I only wanted her more.

My feelings for Clary were hardly something new. I’d been obsessing over her for as long as I could remember.”




What? Um... what?

And the messed up guy keeps on rolling-

“But we wouldn’t be Clary and Aiden if I wasn’t irritating her. It’s our thing.”

When they were cooking pasta-

“before he dipped another finger into the simmering sauce and slowly licked it off.”

Clarity described the sauce as boiling. And he dipped his finger in. I never knew he was a friend of The Four.

Because, why give Booksy a break when you can wish her to want to never be born-

“When we were kids, she loved playing video games. She used to wear T-shirts with funny gaming slogans or pictures of her favorite characters on the front to school. She was so different from the other girls in our class. It was part of the reason I’d started crushing on her in the first place. Clary wasn’t like everyone else. She never had been.”

Oh! And did I mention he’s a player and therefore only has emotions concerning said player activities? Wow, he is just such a masterpiece.

“Aiden was not simply the player I thought he was.”


“I knew you were a player, but living with you has made me realize that you’re actually kind of a good guy once you get past your cocky, annoying side.”

Hmmm, I surely thought Aiden had a 2d personality but *gasp* Clarence has shown me otherwise! Color me surprised, if you will. Or oh, “not like the other girls”.

This is the pic I found of him as well,

That just describes him so perfectly...

clap* Ready for the next topic? Okay.

The romance.

If Clarence looked like the first pic, and Arnold looked like the second pic. Can you guess how they look together?

You guessed right! An amazingly healthy companionship between two cardboards who want to have cardboard babies and who want to live a merry cardboard life.

The thing is, it just keeps getting worse. The following statements were recorded directly from the scene of the massacre of my will to live, it's going to get gory...

Stuck With You in a Nutshell by Booksy Tootsy

“All breath escaped my lungs as I looked into his beautiful blue-green eyes. His gaze was warm, and his voice was filled with genuine emotion. As I stared at him, I realized I wanted his words to be true. But, how could they be? This was Aiden: notorious flirt and the heartbreaker of Harford High. There was no way he was interested in me. This had to just be another prank of his.

I looked away. “You don’t mean that.”


“I shook my head. “But I know you don’t like me. You can’t. You only flirt with me to annoy me. It’s not because you actually like me.”

“How couldn’t I like you?” he replied. “You’re beautiful and smart, and you aren’t afraid to give me crap. I flirt with you because I’m too damn scared to actually talk to you.”

(Now you’re DEFINITELY trolling on me. So, is the prank done-?)

“It was strange to think I ever could have disliked him. That I could have so easily ignored his flirting and been so immune to his good looks. I certainly didn’t feel that way now. I was just like every other girl at school, and I had fallen for Aiden hard.”

(I just want y’all to suffer with me at this point.)

“I slowly started to smile. “Oh, it was definitely a mistake.”


I nodded. “Yes, it was a mistake that we didn’t kiss sooner.”

(I’m gonna throw up.)

“When we finally pulled apart, I tried to remember why I’d actually been staring at Clary’s room in the first place. My mind was a complete fog though, and I had a suspicion that kissing Clary temporarily stopped my brain cells from working properly. Instead of zapping messages between each other like they should, it was like every one of them was solely focused on Clary.”

(What. Is. This.)

“I’d completely forgotten he was there.”

(Because he is useless.)

“I swallowed as I peered up at him through my lashes.”

(How do you even peer through your eyelashes- now I get it)

“You know you can tell me anything,” Aiden said.”

(I want to kill you.)

“Nobody remembers their classmates’ birthdays.”

“You’re not just a classmate. You never were.”

(It just keeps on going.

I can’t.)

“I was growing increasingly attached to Clary and didn’t want to go a day, let alone weeks, without holding her in my arms.”

(Oh! So like an infectious parasite? Girl, you should check that out)

“And you’re sharing it with me?”

“I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else.”

(Heck no. What is mine is mine. Not yours. Not ~shared~)

“I was totally busted for gawking at her in her swimwear, but could she blame me? She was my girlfriend, and she took my breath away.”

(Here, I can give it back.)

“I leaned down and captured her lips in mine. Her skin was cold, and she tasted a little like the water we were swimming in. Her kiss couldn’t have been more perfect though”

(So like, a clogged up drain. Gotcha, the new sexy.)

“She had been taking pieces of my heart for years, but as she kissed me now, I realized there were no more pieces to give. They were all already hers.”

(Kill me now, please.)

“I would remember this moment. The moment she truly stole my heart.”


“I slowly rolled over to look at him. His eyes were open, and a sleepy smile was on his lips.

“Hi,” he whispered.”

(Boy, that morning breathe about to kill someone.)

“I let out a sigh”

(Morning Breathe Death, the new single by Cringe Northwest)

“Jade said. “The house is going to feel so different without you.”

(No, it’s not. Trust me. Ain't nothing going to feel different. Maybe more peaceful)

“I should probably get inside,” I murmured against his lips. The words hurt, but I needed to say them. I needed to leave him now before it became too impossible to open the door of the truck and get out.”

(Chlorine's acting like she’s leaving for the Titanic.)

“My heart seemed to stop beating as I watched him go. It felt like it was being wrenched from my chest and pulled along with him. I kept trying to remind myself that this wasn’t truly goodbye and that we would be together soon. My body just didn’t seem to understand though.”

(Dude, you’ll live just the same as you lived before. You don't have a life threathening disease)

“He was halfway down the street already, but the brake lights turned red as the vehicle screeched to a halt in the middle of the road. The truck door opened, and Aiden jumped out. His face was filled with concern, and he started running back toward me.”

(Why couldn’t he just keep going?? What I wouldn't give to be his car)

“Thunder rumbled in the distance, but for a moment, the sun peeked out from behind a cloud, shining brightly down on us. His eyes sparkled as the sunlight danced across them, and the warmth in his smile seemed to wrap its way around me as he pulled me closer again. “I love you too.”

(An angel, too? Dang, this guy has everything. From cardboard to an ethereal being. Wow. Color me, blind.)

“So much of the future was uncertain, but it didn’t feel so scary because I knew Aiden would be by my side.

“I told you I’d make a great lockdown buddy,” he said, as we started back to his truck.

I laughed and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Who would’ve thought you’d actually be right?”

(Me. I thought he would be right. Since the beginning.)

The End

In a few paragraphs, I just summarized the whole gosh-darned story. And I wasted 300 pages of my life, so forgive me if I'm a bit ~salty~ of Clearance "not like other girls". Because SOMEHOW, these two carboard of a being, actually garnered a 4-star rating in goodreads. I'm sorry, but no. This was a mess, the pandemic was a useless addition (considering that nobody wore masks apart from that one time Seth, Aiden's best friend, wore one. Oh! And lest we forget about that horrible "papa bear" speech Algae made. All, so this is the way to properly use a mask. And would you believe that Clot's thought process was "I never knew how to properly use a mask" Like WHAT?!? There is one way to use it. Over your mouth AND your nose. Because people don't realize that the nose actually HAS to be inside the mask *gasp*. I would have NEVER guessed that)

And okay, I never actually went deeply into the rest of the characters because they were the most basic things, I've ever encountered in the whole reading life I've had the pleasure of having.

Cleo's mom: Wild, hippy, slightly protective mom.

Cleo's dad: Wild, hippy, protective dad.

Arnold's dad: Left, not right.

Arnold's mom: Doctor, cautious, and slightly animated.

Arnold's little brother:... him in younger form.

Phew! Now, wasn't all that quite a bit exhausting. What with all the details and descriptions each character had, wow, a true accomplishment.

On a closing note, as a preciously stated, this rant was not against the author (I just would like to drown this story into the depth of this deprived garbage of a world), and I would love to be called out were I to have sounded offensive, but this book just feels half tried. Like, Oh! Let me get on the trend of pandemic romances but ~obviously~ (some people don't have the ~obvious~ cell in their brains. Or brains at all) not make it about the protagonist and the virus, but instead, make it with a uber annoying, useless MC and an equally annoying male... person.

He was basically her copy pasted in a 6-pack guy with aversions to shirt or like, intelligence.


  • The sacrifice of trees.

  • That one idiot controlling me that made me read this.

  • Life.

Until next time, and I hope I didn't scar you too much.

Comment below your thoughts and opinions! I would love to know how you liked the book in a "nutshell".