• Booktastically Amazing


By Lorence Alison

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

A music fest goes wrong in this comic YA thriller as selfie-mad concert-goers wake up to realize their tropical island fantasy is a deadly nightmare. When Adri is offered an all-expenses-paid trip to the exclusive Solstice Festival, she throws caution, her prestigious summer internship, and her parents' goodwill to the wind. She just wants to live a little before the first day of the rest of her life, planned and scheduled in accordance to her parents’ law school dreams. But when she and a horde of affluent, entitled teen partiers arrive at the island paradise, it looks nothing like the luxury vacation they were promised. There’s barely any food, nowhere to stay, and not nearly enough porta-potties. Pretty soon, the festival’s trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, and the music acts are cancelling left and right. And then the first dead body washes up on the beach. Adri has a front-row seat as everything devolves into chaos—and she's in a prime position to put together the clues to who—or what—is killing off the helpless attendees. But even if she finds the killer, how can she hope to stop them? Check your privilege at the door—before it gets you killed. This is one vacation you can’t escape.

My feelings were conflicted. Yeah, that's it.

RATING: 🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐ 3.8


I have no idea where to start. None at all. Okay, let's just start by saying, I was confused. I didn't know whether I liked this book or I merely appreciated it. The story was interesting, to say the least. A monster on an island from which nobody can escape from? sleep deprivation masterpiece. But the friendship that was mentioned in this book? yeah, you can count me out! Our story starts with a montage of how the super, mega, musically infused Solstice Festival is supposed to look like, which lo and behold was just clickbait. Clickbait, that hundreds of teens with a 15 IQ bought without a single thought. They bought a 1,000 dollar ticket. To go to an island from which nobody has EVER heard before. (Cue me almost ripping their heads off) God, some people just love trying my patience including that tick of a human aka the protagonists' best friend. ( more like BEST BLOODSUCKING PARASITE ) Seriously, that convo pissed the white hairs off of my scalp and I don't even have white hairs. My dudes, for real, how in the h-e double bookmarks are you supposed to trust someone who is a compulsive lying witch?! Okay, give me a sec to take a breather... Alright, I'm back, as I was saying, the beginning ( the introduction ) felt a bit silly to me, in the sense that there was no verification about the festival and regardless of that a LOT of teenagers were enticed to make that insane amount of payment. After all that first part was done we later get acquainted with the BFF. I already ranted a bit about her so I'm not going to bore the rest of ya'll with the details. She's stupid with legs, that's it. Adris' parents. *DEEP BREATH* I felt so sad for her. She didn't even have a choice about her life career, dang it! They were so controlling even I felt suffocated but they loved her, at least I really think they did. Cue meeting the love interest. I can admit it was cute, he was cute, the way they met was cute so yeah that's my opinion about that. Fast forward to where the juiciness comes in, Adri sneaks out, which is easier than I thought, they aboard the plane and head to an Island Paradise for musical heaven. Or so they thought. *cue evil laugh* Since we get off the plane all of us can smell the fishiness of being click-baited, all of us minus, guess what? the thousands of mindless teens occupying the same air as Adri & co. Seriously, the frustration was real. One of the biggest mistakes I've made in my life was starting this book at 10 pm, I NEEDED to know what was going to happen, and of course, watch some stupidity get eaten/destroyed from the earths surface. I'm such a great human being. Ended the book at like, 1 in the morning. No lie.Moving on, we encounter bad hygiene, basically no food, no signal, and awful heat. And people are still asking when is the real deal gonna appear. LIKE, WHAT THE HECK DO YOU EXPECT JESSICA?! THAT THE BUILDINGS POP OUT OF THE GROUND?! Seriously though, I would've fled from that place the minute I set foot on it- wait, I wouldn't be there because 1, I don't have that much money to spend on trivial things that aren't books or clothes, and 2, I'm not that stupid. I included the word THAT cause I can do pretty stupid things sometimes. My girl Adri can feeeeel something is going on (apart from all the channel bags littering the beach) so like a smart person she starts to investigate (yes girl!) and lo and behold things don't add up. Suspicion starts creeping in like bees looking for honey or more precisely, wasps looking for a booty to sting. Questions start arising and- wait, I forgot to mention something. STEVE. The blood leeches boyfriend (the cheating, candy popping, girl slicker, idiotic waste of belly space) is called Steve. I've hated people in my life but boy oh boy, this guy just loooves testing the limits of my ever-depleting patience. I cannot count on all of my fingers how much I wanted to smack both the leech and the idiot in the eating area. Fast forward again, and we start seeing dead bodies that rich people want to hide. Adri sees all this and thinks herself sherlock holmes ( no sarcasm intended)so once again goes to investigate and finds out the bloody t-shirt of a super nice guy in the cabin of some island resident called Paul ( half the book I visualized him as middle age so the end had me more than a little confused) And I forgot to mention some people again: Captain Marx and Zack tumbleweed or whatnot. I knew one of them was the bad guy and so I wasn't that surprised when Captain Marx turned out to be a floozy. Long story short, the monster was scary but not next level horrifying, which I honestly didn't expect. Books like this usually do one of two things, either bore me to tears or keep me up till I finish it and I'm super duper glad to say it did the latter. It entertained me and kept my mind busy which, score! is an amazing pro to reading. The romance wasn't the focus of it and I was okay with that, the friendship was blah but at least, in the end, everything turned out to be semi-okay. Steve, unfortunately, wasn't eaten but Captain Marx was so yeah, I'm a bit satisfied with it. This book was not as much horror as I would've liked but it was interesting to see things unfold. Thanks, Lorence Alison for keeping me invested in the story and making the antagonists of this story as annoying as they could be.


  • When Adri and Hayden meet. That was adorable.

  • Elena having some sense knocked into her.

  • Captain Marx getting eaten by the Diab. Greatest. Moment. Ever.

  • Adri finally growing a spine. Now that is a beautiful thing to experience.​