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Silverlegs I Seed of Rage

by Camilla Monk (AKA breaker of bookish hearts)

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

Will you be fast enough?

A fifteen-year-old girl with a gift for violence and nothing left to lose, Constanter is running. To escape the farm she grew up on in a remote part of the Western Lorian empire. To forget the family and the life she can never return to. She runs east, toward the distant war she knows only from the tales of travelers—a twenty-year long conflict, opposing the Western and Eastern halves of the empire.

Mistaken for a boy after she stole the gear of a dead soldier, she is captured and drafted by a band of mercenaries whose leader recognizes her innate speed and agility. Her face hidden under a mask, Constanter surrenders to the anger she wears like a second skin and becomes Silverlegs, a legendary killer, an uncontrollable weapon in the hands of power-hungry rulers and religious fanatics.

I'm dead, a book has destroyed me. This book has killed me. This book has obliterated my insides and is using the rest to tie their shoes with. This book was just a complete and utter, masterpiece.

Hear the warnings, my loves: rape, violence in every chapter, and tons of profanities in this book.

RATING:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.9, just because there isn't a second book yet.


Oh my GOODNESS! I found it. I found one of THOSE books. All of you know what I'm talking about. The type of book you can read a thousand times and still not get tired of it. The emotions stay the same, the pain and sorrow still leave an imprint on your soul*sigh* those are the best ones. Okay, the first impression, as far as I remember I was in the middle of a devilish book slump (which was the downfall of the greatest warriors in history) and I was scrolling through YA books, trying in vain to catch something that would trance my eyes when BAM! There it was, a diamond in the rough. At first, I just noticed it by the awesomely spectacular cover but when I read the synopsis. Be still, my treacherous heart. I immediately bought it, started reading it and that was it, my soul was taken in its grip. The girl which her Mulan esque boy name is Constanter was 15 years old. Now that I mention that, they never said what her real name was...huh, more for the second book to answer I guess. Her story began so sadly, she was assaulted by her stepfather which um, Servilius I just wanna talk, that's all. She pegs him with a vase (yasssss, girl!) and runs away, resulting in she getting lost in the woods, cutting her hair, and getting captured by mercenaries. Yep, she's tough alright. Now let's talk about Victrix, I hate you, I despise you, I hope you get eaten alive by snakes and then thrown into a ditch with lions. Alright now that I got that out of the way I must say, he grew on me, kinda like a parasite but interesting nonetheless. Okay, perhaps he's not that bad. Oh wait, he's not that bad at all. OHMYHDJDFSIF, I AM IN LOVE!

AAAAAAAAnd he's dead. I let myself fall for him and he got killed. HE GOT KILLED! My feelings were burned to ashes and speaking of burning things...Gemina, holy flying cows, that was brutal*horrified shudder* That was um...gory? No, it was definitely gory. Ugh, touching on another subject, Clearchos, I knew he was bad, like, rotten bad. And lo and behold, he betrayed everyone. I cannot describe the anger I felt when that happened. As I said i was pretty sure he was going to betray someone I just didn't think that it was going to be so...bloody. Lie, I knew it was going to be bloody because, duh, the whole book is tainted by it but let me explain myself. In those moments of confusion after a betrayal, there's like two seconds when everything is still but not in this one, oh no, things started happening real quick. People died as they did in the rest of the book but the deaths... *horrified shriek* OH MY GOD! HESTIUS A-AND VATLUNA! THEY'RE DEAD! Oh no, no, no, no, no. My heart, I can feel it breaking. Let me explain this sudden outburst of mine. Right now, I'm rereading the book, you know, to remember things. But I DID NOT want to remember that. Let's return to Victrix's death, the man was a piece of work, an arrogant idiotic piece of work but color me heartbroken if he didn't borrow (although slowly) this piece of flesh that beats inside my chest. And considering alllllll the abuse Constantine had suffered till now, the blessing that she was starting to see him as MORE and they couldn't do anything about that because um...YOU, CAMILLA MONK, KILLED HIM! Here we go again, and I ask once more, why in the world of all that is medieval do you create a character and have him grow as a person throughout the whole story to just, kill him, end his existence, destroy the hope of them being decently content. Hestius, dear Hestius, you were crass I will admit. You were annoying, I shall accept. You were a pain in the behind but you were good, inside all those layers of stupidity and adolescence (I don't remember if he was in fact, a teen) there was a human being. And Vatluna, the gentle ish giant (at least when he wanted to be gentle, most of the time he had blood on his hands), your death was...heartwrenching, I wanted you to properly find out about Constanter being a girl and see you grow to be protective o-of h-her. I feel the tears coming, oh yeah, the floodgates are asking for permission to open. Irius, think I forgot about you didn't you, he was confuzzling, to say the least. The thing is, with this book there's no distinct line dividing right and wrong, black and white it's mostly a big, ugly gray arena. I actually don't know what to think about him.

“I pledged my life to your father a long time ago, when no one else would care to save it,” Irius replied. “I’ll walk with him down that road.”

So no one else would have to, I thought, my heart ripping in half. Clearchos’s Legion, the glory and the gold, the battles and the brotherhood; it was all over.

Victrix gave a rigid nod. “See him to the end.” He swallowed with difficulty, and his eyes darted to me, a storm swelling in their gray irises, that carried fury, but also hope. “I can’t follow him there.”

Um...that simply broke my heart. *MASSIVE SOB* I JUST REREAD THE PART ABOUT HASTUIS'S AND VATLUNA'S DEATH. I need to take a breather, how many people are you gonna kill Camilla?! What is wrong with you?!?!

My dudes, Silverlegs killed their executioner, I'm proud of you girl, disturbed but immensely proud. Oh, and don't even get me started on the young brat of an emperor, boy I'm gonna give you the biggest butt whooping of your life. Alright, my emotions have gotten enough abuse for today and I'll close this mess of a book review with this:



  • Nerie and his kindness, unrelenting and obsolete.

  • The real gentle giant, which forgive me bookish dragons, but I forgot his name. He was big, kind, and gave Constanter bread.


  • Victrix's last words. I-I CAN'T.

  • Silverlegs.

  • Silverlegs.

  • Silverlegs.

A year after reading this and I assure you, I will still be a hot mess. Sue me.