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My Guilty Pleasure Reads ft. Minor Updates

*Basically me dusting off those reads from those years when I read nothing but romantic, cheesy YA books*

Terve! And welcome, to me feeling useless (as per usual) and wanting to do something other than cry at puppy commercials, and eat all the ice cream provided by Imagination & corp. because let's be real, ice cream doesn't last that much in the abode where I reside in.

Some updates of my reading life, well, it has been mighty interesting. In the fact that about 12 books have come out, and I have all of them. However, I'm currently reading a wonderful series and a not-so-wonderful novella, hence, not being able to read the books I've been waiting to gently harass with my crappy eyesight for the last five months. I've become very self-aware of the fact that my laziness has updated to such software (hardware, USB- whatever applies to this conversation), that I've been unable to jumpstart my dying brain goo and make a new non-book-review related post. So, I apologize for that, quite a bit. Ice cream is still non-existent (as mentioned above), my ability to ignore certain responsibilities has been upped to the max degree, and frankly, I feel like summer is going by way too fast. And I haven't done anything worthy of a Nobel Prize. I can't go into adulthood without a Nobel Prize for minimum effort, guysss. It is painful just to picture...

Now that I've sufficiently softened your souls (and your eyelids. If you want to sleep just read one of these things) to gently coerce you into accepting these guilty reads of mine, as your personal own.

But also don't, because if you hate them, I will cry.

No, I won't, but it sounded dramatic, right? Right. On with it! Wait, no.

Onward! (yes, I have slept. Also yes, this is always my mood. In between 'yo what's wrong with her' and 'yo, what's that-')

[the most difficult part of doing this list is that I feel like I've repeated the same books over and over again. Hence, making me feel like I have read absolutely nothing in my life. Therefore, making me feel like trash. Gotta love that feeling, ayyyy]


1. The book that I read continuously even though it is far from flawless, but is just right for my well-being.

Fire and Flood. This book was a blessing and a curse that slowly infiltrated my feeble defense against them when I decided 'oh, let's just read a series in which the last book isn't even in the realm of possibility. Wouldn't that be nIcE'. All in all, super adorable, thrillerific, pokemon-eske, beautiful read.

Bingability Ranking: 🌃🌃🌃 Sleep-deprived nights. (since I haven't read it in a while, I know, a sacrilege)

2. A series that I should definitely not like as much as I did. But I admit it, okay? I'm that girl. It is very difficult to offend me.

My Boyfriend Merlin. Let's all take a moment to admire the covers and the love triangle, please. Have you sniffed enough of it to become drunk and angered? Yeah, same here. I love this series as a whole, a little too much to be considered healthy. Given the fact that the love of my life (when will I ever stop saying that, oh right! Never, pfft) did something that will forever anger me in such a way that I would hug him and then puncture his lungs with a spear.

Bingability Ranking: 🌃🌃🌃 🌃 Sleep-deprived nights. (I've read this about five or six times, to be honest)

3. I remember when I was young (me speaking like I'm 6789 year old, which is so true), youthful (my wrinkles are already winking at me and I'm hating it), and not emotionally unavailable.

Dreamology was the book for me, back then. I re-read this after reading it the first time. I re-read it at every family reunion I was forced to attend. I read it a funer- fun park. Being as I am, I never expected for my Younger Booksy to like and enjoy (basically be the one to donate one of my lungs to the author for a sequel. I really haven't changed all that much-) this book as much as I did (all my excuses for these books). But I did, and I am petrified to re-read it now and hate it. That's why it's by my bedside bookshelf, for guilt purposes.

Bingability Ranking: 🌃🌃🌃 🌃 🌃 Sleep-Deprived Nights. (Fun fact: I did indeed read this under the covers on school nights with one of those tiny battery candles illuminating the pages and of course, maybe that influenced my less than perfect eyes. I still don't care though-)

4. Do y'all know how beautiful books with stained edges look??? Well, this book HAS A UNICORN INSPIRED STAINED EDGE THEME. HOW CAN I NOT LOVE IT???

Okay, so, the book in question is Wing Jones. As in, guilty pleasure extreme. I would cry and tear into my ice cream whilst holding the book a safe distance away from sticky fingers. The romance, the atmosphere, the beautiful and gorgeous way of the author's writing. I would read this over and over again without feeling an inch of remorse. Well, maybe I would-

Bingability Ranking: 🌃🌃🌃 🌃 🌃 Sleep-Deprived Nights. (I would smoosh that book to its tear-jerking demise. In a loving way)

5. And last but definitely and by no means, least. We've got my most conflicted guilty pleasure series to end all guilty pleasure reads... guys, I did read this series.

And I loved it... Pushing The Limits. *proceeds to hide beneath a mountain of self imposed embarassment even though it isn't even embarassing* How is it even possible for me to have enjoyed this series and re-read some of the books in said series??? Like, are my entire reading preferences lies constructed to save me from cheesy insanity? I have no idea, y'all. But I loved this series, now, I really am up to doing a re-read...

Bingability Ranking: 🌃🌃🌃 🌃 Sleep-Deprived Nights. (there's always that one book, that one darn book that just made my blood curdle in happiness and warmth. I don't remember the name, but it's definitely in this series)


Oh dear goodness, did you make it through all that? If so, here, a cupcake. I've come to realize that if I keep on giving donuts, they'll run out, and I'm not that selfless. Have you got any guilty pleasure reads of your own? Books you KNOW you shouldn't have liked as much as you did? Also, I'm dying for hilarious ways y'all have read past your curfew. It's a thing, and it has definitely happened a lot to me.


Adios and stay sassy, dear deadlings! Also, if you need this advice... SLEEP IS TOTALLY IMPORTANT SO MAYBE STOP SAYING 'JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER' BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. *wink wink*


(this was too disturbing not to share. Feast in the sleepless evenings, my loves)