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My Boyfriend Merlin

By Priya Ardis

My Merlin Trilogy #1

Spoiler-free Synopsis:

When the Sword in the Stone falls in the middle of London and Merlin goes to high school to recruit the next King Arthur, everything changes for Ryan DuLac... Read the bestselling gender-bent trilogy. For fans of quests, swords, schools of magic, and awkward crushes. 17-year-old Boston high schooler, Ryan DuLac just found out the guy she's been crushing on, hot biker Matt, is a little older than he was letting on. By a few eons... In fact, he is really Merlin--the Merlin, King Arthur's Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived. Frozen in a cave for over fifteen hundred years, he's woken for a purpose. But Ryan's not impressed. Tired of being a relationship loser, she'd rather kick his legendary behind. Sure, the world has been crazy ever since the sword and the stone fell out of the sky like a meteor. But despite gruesome gargoyles, a deadly new world of magic, and the guy driving her crazy, Ryan knows that family is everything. Will Merlin sacrifice hers to save the world? Will she be able to stop him?

RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐ 4.2

I recommend this book to people who just adore Love Triangles done well, who crave a heart-pounding romantic fantasy of which romance is not necessarily the main event. Love Triangles that don't contain insta- love. And a fantasy that may not be the most original but is worthwhile when you get into it. Thank you, Priya Ardis, for blessing my soul with this beautiful story.


Holy mother of HOTNESS! Anybody that says the "bad guys" are NOT good-looking are not mentally well. Like, how could you not fall in love with Vane? Okay, yes I know he is evil and all but come on! Nobody has the right to look like he does. And all of you Matt/Merlin lovers out there... why?

Now that I got that tiny bit of masterpiece appreciation out of the way... Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Ryan (aka Arrian Morgan Brittany DuLac) is at school learning (obviously because she's, you know, smart.) All of a sudden an earthquake begins. Matt covers her with his body to prevent her from getting hurt and they're both hot and bothered until she realizes... wait, the debris that's falling is not even touching them. Huh. weird. When the earthquake (which is later known as The Total Tremor) passes she leans away from Matt and then she lets the readers know that they went in like two dates and he broke up with her via text (I know. So rude.) Her step-brother (Grey) asks her if she's fine, blablabla. Television gets turned on, all the students watch the news...But hang on a second... isn't that King Arthurs sword in a rock in the middle of England?! Yes, yes it is. Fast-forward we meet Alexa her other step-sibling. And then HE appears. Professor Vivane (or Dr.) on TV looking exactly like an older replica of Matt. He obviously denies any relation to the beautiful specimen. So then everybody forgets about it. Later on, Grey and Alexa get in a car. Ryan accepts a ride in Matt's Ducati (girl whyyyyyy) A shadow dragon attacks all of them, it is discovered that Matt is a wizard (though they don't know he's Merlin, cause secrets help everybody) Dragon is defeated, gargoyles attacked them too. Alexa dies. To be honest I didn't cry. I didn't even feel sad. After that they go to their house Gray tells Sylvia (his mom) what happened. Everyone is broken, Matt is being all insensitive

(but I honestly kinda get it). Matt makes them go to a school for wizards (they're Regulars meaning they have magic blood but they don't have powers) And there they meet Vivane aka Vane aka my future husband. I sincerely wanted to bash his brains in when we first met him but he got my love like 3 pages into his character. What? Looks aren't everything...but they help. They train and cry and feel sorry for themselves, yadayadaya... Matt is ratted out as Merlin. Matt is a moronic idiot. Merlin is worse. Like, dude, I get it. For you to see those visions you must not have physical activity (heh) with an Apollo descendant which Ryan has in her blood. Vane is as possessive and annoying as ever but Ryan starts to realize... maybe he isn't so bad after all. (score for Vane team) Gargoyles attack them once again. Candidates die (another name for Regulars and Wizards in training) Ryan takes Excalibur, she dies

( I don't remember why don't judge) She wants to expose herself so people know the truth about the real sword. But as always Matt intercepts her speech and lies, telling everybody that HE'S the man of the sword. The end.

What I really enjoyed about this book was that it was so easy and fast to read. The romance was slow-building so it felt more real, Vane was awesome. (If you didn’t get it from the previous ode to his greatness.)

What I didn’t like,however, was because it was so fast-paced it didn’t give me a chance to completely fall in love with the secondary characters which as many of you know make some books more interesting. But apart from that, it was a very pleasant read. The relationship of love-filled sibling bickering between Ryan and Grey was extremely sweet, not to mention the amazing rivalry between Matt and Vane which has the approval of this love-sick booknerd.


  • Matt's mind reading and Vanes' jealousy.

  • Vane and Ryan eating together.


  • And last but definitively not least... the awesome world-building.

Will review the following books in the future.

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