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I actually decided to do something new-- excuse me while I go drown in my small puddle of productivity. Oh, oops.

It already dried.

Hello! So, this is the wrap-up post I've done in so long (like, never, but I want to sound mildly professional)

Pfft, me. Professional.

Professional Lazy Spokesperson. (I am so sorry)

Since this month was filled with so much stuff (not really, however, I discovered Webtoon, Tik Tok, and bad books, so the path was riddled with mountains upon mountains of trash and addictive memes) I didn't have the chance to read as much as I could've.

A moment of silence to all those moments where I tried to sit down and read but got distracted by a certain fly on the wall.

Dang it Booksy, WHY.

{DISCLAIMER: Half of the links are for reviews posted on Goodreads only because at the moment I read it, well, I didn't employ much brain mush into writing a detailed review. They're mostly two-sentence rants}

1. The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto.

Spoiler- Free Synopsis:

A classic sort of love story... except somebody might wind up dead.

Nobody knows Delilah like Logan does. Nobody. He makes sure of it by learning everything he can through her social media and watching her through a hidden camera he has trained on her house. Some might call him a stalker. Logan prefers to be called “romantic.”

But after Logan sees Delilah killing her abusive stepfather, he realizes there’s still more about her to discover. His sweet, perfect Delilah isn’t so perfect after all.

Delilah knows she should feel guilty, but all she feels is free. She’s so over the men in her life controlling her. Except Logan saw what she did, and he won’t let her forget it.

Delilah is done being the victim. And she refuses to be a character in Logan’s twisted fantasy. If Logan won’t let her go… she’ll make him.






Uh... excuse me, *raising hand*...

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2. Stuck With You by Alexandra Moody

Spoiler- Free Synopsis:

Stuck in lockdown with the one guy she can’t stand, what could possibly go wrong?

Seventeen-year-old Clary’s senior year has gone up in flames. Thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world, school is canceled and everyone’s going into lockdown. To top it off, her parents are stranded overseas with no way to get home.

Just when Clary thinks things can’t get any worse for her, she finds out she’s being sent into lockdown with the most irritating guy on the planet—Harford High’s notorious heartbreaker, Aiden Moore.

Sure, Aiden is gorgeous, but he’s also completely arrogant and constantly trying to get under Clary’s skin. For most girls, quarantining with Aiden would be a dream come true. For Clary, it’s a total nightmare.

But they’re about to become lockdown buddies whether Clary likes it or not, and resisting Aiden’s devilish charms might be harder than she thought.


Don't let the cover deter you, this is actually a YA book. Even shirtless constipated-guy covers have infected our lovely cover community. This is not a review but a much-needed rant, so as I do not recommend this necessarily (unless you were like me and just wanted to read it just because you wanted something light and fun) Feel free to keep on reading, because honestly, it's an Allergy commercial for books such as this one...

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3. The Girl From Shadow Springs by Ellie Cypher

Spoiler- Free Synopsis:

The Revenant meets True Grit with a magical twist in this thrilling and atmospheric debut fantasy about two teens who must brave a frozen wasteland and the foes within it to save their loved ones and uncover a deadly secret.

Everyone in Shadow Springs knows that no one survives crossing the Flats. But the threat of a frozen death has never deterred the steady stream of treasure hunters searching for a legendary prize hidden somewhere in the vast expanse of ice. Jorie thinks they’re all fools, which makes scavenging their possessions easier. It’s how she and her sister, Brenna, survive.

Then Jorie scavenges off the wrong body. When the dead man’s enemy believes Jorie took something valuable from the body, he kidnaps Brenna as collateral. He tells Jorie that if she wants her sister back, she’ll have to trade her for the item he thinks she stole. But how can Jorie make a trade when she doesn’t even know what she’s looking for?

Her only source of information is Cody, the dead man’s nephew and a scholar from the South who’s never been hardened by the harsh conditions of the North. Though Jorie’s reluctant to bring a city boy out onto the Flats with her, she’ll do whatever it takes to save her sister. But anything can happen out on the ice, and soon Jorie and Cody find they need one another more than they ever imagined—and they’ll have to trust each other to survive threats beyond their darkest nightmares.


There are many people who deserve to live, the love interest is a waste of that.

RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐ 3.8


Everything could've been better.

Without the humanoid mosquito.

~El Fin~

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4. Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

Spoiler-Free Review:

Overwhelmed by tragedy, a woman desperately tries to save her marriage in award-winning author Jennifer Hillier's Little Secrets, a riveting novel of psychological suspense.

All it takes to unravel a life is one little secret...

Marin had the perfect life. Married to her college sweetheart, she owns a chain of upscale hair salons, and Derek runs his own company. They're admired in their community and are a loving family—until their world falls apart the day their son Sebastian is taken.

A year later, Marin is a shadow of herself. The FBI search has gone cold. The publicity has faded. She and her husband rarely speak. She hires a P.I. to pick up where the police left off, but instead of finding Sebastian, she learns that Derek is having an affair with a younger woman. This discovery sparks Marin back to life. She's lost her son; she's not about to lose her husband, too. Kenzie is an enemy with a face, which means this is a problem Marin can fix.



You see, this was one of those books that remind me of candy.

You REALLY want this specific piece of candy, and along the way, in search for it, you get all these different tastes of things that could become THE candy. Alas. They never do.

So you end up building this epic thing of how this specific candy you've been craving for tastes, how it looks, how it makes you feel. At least from what you remember, because you've had this candy before.

And then, after years of sweat and foul-tasting things, you suddenly find the candy. Not any candy. THE candy. And it's like a revelation, angels singing, heaven parts and in the arms of Hercules... the candy.

But oh, is it duller than...

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5. Not A Drop To Drink by Mindy McGinnis

Spoiler-Free Review:

Regret was for people with nothing to defend, people who had no water.

Lynn knows every threat to her pond: drought, a snowless winter, coyotes, and, most importantly, people looking for a drink. She makes sure anyone who comes near the pond leaves thirsty, or doesn't leave at all.

Confident in her own abilities, Lynn has no use for the world beyond the nearby fields and forest. Having a life means dedicating it to survival, and the constant work of gathering wood and water. Having a pond requires the fortitude to protect it, something Mother taught her well during their quiet hours on the rooftop, rifles in hand.

But wisps of smoke on the horizon mean one thing: strangers. The mysterious footprints by the pond, nighttime threats, and gunshots make it all too clear Lynn has exactly what they want, and they won’t stop until they get it….

With evocative, spare language and incredible drama, danger, and romance, debut author Mindy McGinnis depicts one girl’s journey in a barren world not so different than our own.


This was painful.

Why was this so painful.

I didn't remember this being so painful.

Review to come when I find the missing will to live after finishing...

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6. In A Handful Of Dust by Mindy McGinnis

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

A dangerous disease strikes the community where teenage Lucy lives. When her adoptive mother, Lynn, takes Lucy away from their home and friends in order to protect her, Lucy struggles to figure out what home means. During their journey west to find a new life, the two face nature's challenges, including hunger, mountains, and deserts.

(Shortest synopsis ever, I swear)


Okay, guys... I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. There's a whole in my heart, I don't think I'll ever be able to fulfill.

It hurts...

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7. The Grace Year by Kim Ligget


Spoiler- Free Synopsis:

No one speaks of the grace year. It’s forbidden.

In Garner County, girls are told they have the power to lure grown men from their beds, to drive women mad with jealousy. They believe their very skin emits a powerful aphrodisiac, the potent essence of youth, of a girl on the edge of womanhood. That’s why they’re banished for their sixteenth year, to release their magic into the wild so they can return purified and ready for marriage. But not all of them will make it home alive.

Sixteen-year-old Tierney James dreams of a better life—a society that doesn’t pit friend against friend or woman against woman, but as her own grace year draws near, she quickly realizes that it’s not just the brutal elements they must fear. It’s not even the poachers in the woods, men who are waiting for a chance to grab one of the girls in order to make a fortune on the black market. Their greatest threat may very well be each other.

With sharp prose and gritty realism, The Grace Year examines the complex and sometimes twisted relationships between girls, the women they eventually become, and the difficult decisions they make in-between.


Content Warnings: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/book...

The only thing I have to say, READ IT AND PLEASE COME BACK, I NEED SOMEONE TO CRY TO. Yeah, that's all. Also, *whispering* There's a small spoiler-free piece after that warning. A tiny one though. Basically, me freaking out/ fangirling...

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8. Namesake by Adrienne Young

Spoiler- Free Synopsis:

Trader. Fighter. Survivor.

With the Marigold ship free of her father, Fable and its crew were set to start over. That freedom is short-lived when she becomes a pawn in a notorious thug’s scheme. In order to get to her intended destination she must help him to secure a partnership with Holland, a powerful gem trader who is more than she seems.

As Fable descends deeper into a world of betrayal and deception she learns that her mother was keeping secrets, and those secrets are now putting the people Fable cares about in danger. If Fable is going to save them then she must risk everything, including the boy she loves and the home she has finally found.

Filled with action, emotion, and lyrical writing, New York Times bestselling author Adrienne Young returns with Namesake, the final book in the captivating Fable duology.

Review to come, dear deadlings.

~Special thanks to Netgalley and Wednesday Books for the opportunity of receiving an arc of Namsake by Adrienne Young~

Average rating: 3.9

On a closing note, it was not the best of bookish months. But it was not the WORST of months. Hm.

That's way more than I can say for bloody January-

Eeek! You have reached the end, so tell me *whispering* how was your bookish month? Any Golden Books of your own? Comment below your opinions, luvs.