• Booktastically Amazing


by Matthew Newell

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

What would you do if you discovered that there were thousand year old immortals who were living, working, going to school, and even shopping, miles beneath your very feet?

This a Young Adult fiction story, whereby three city-dwelling teenagers are torn from their London life, and whisked away to the remote Scottish Highlands. They accidentally stumble across a group of human-looking immortals in the nearby forest, and they learn they are being wickedly, but mysteriously, perused by them.

*sad smile* I'm sorry, I tried. My subconsciousness is already intent on killing me. Oh, there it goes, I'm dead. This is my ghost speaking.

RATING: ❓❓❓❓❓


~Special thanks to the author for giving me the privilege of receiving a copy in exchange for an honest review~

I think that I don't have the right to judge this book, considering I did not finish it. Perhaps it was not the book at ALL, perhaps it was me... No, yeah, it was definitely me. I do not fault the author in any way (he is an absolutely wonderful human being, and you could probably give this book a try just because) and I would love for it to be known that I'll probably (I really hope) give it a try again. And just because I want to extremely justify myself to alleviate some of the guilt that my soul has basically taken as a consort. I'll state why I could not finish the book (in a slight orderly manner):

1. I am currently not in the mood for extreme (and my extreme, I mean, it will make me THINK) fantasy. Which will surely be present in this book, and am simply not in the right mindset to interpret the whole 'immortal' aspect of things.

2. As far as I got, there was no romance. Which, again, I really appreciate books that don't have romance but for now, I crave it.

3. I mostly read YA with a mix of middle grade thrown in there for fun. But since I read more YA, I need time to get used to middle-grade storylines and such. Again, my brain is at fault for this.

Yes, that was everything I had to say (which is normally less than I do, but I feel that I cannot judge that much) So yes, this is it. A whole apology mixed with a LOT of professional speech. Because, yes, I can deliver a heartfelt and emotive mini-review of a book I didn't finish, without throwing a sarcastic ✨flare ✨ into the mix. Oh, crap--

P.S: I'll deliver a full review once my synapses get to working and help me not have a mental breakdown every 5 minutes. Thank you for tuning in, and I hope I have not bored you to death. (A stylish death, with lots of Vikings and um...CHOCOLATE) Here, a GIF, for entertainment purposes. AND because I need it.

P.S.S: I also feel the need to introduce you to one of my new best friends (sister in soul, amazing being, sarcastic extraordinaire) from this book: Charlie. The Quote Champion.

‘Don’t say what’s the worst that could happen before entering a dark

wood in a place that we don’t know, it’s asking for disaster,’ said Charlie, as

if trying to prove a point. ‘Anyone who says something like that, has the

worst thing that can possibly happen to them, happen, and then after that,

the next worst thing that can happen to them just for being stupid enough

for saying it in the first place!’

He also saw Charlie scraping a

cross with her shoe in the mud.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked her.

‘Oh I’m just marking out my grave for future reference, so they know

where to bury me after tonight’ she said sarcastically. ‘Here seems a lovely


Did I mention that I adore her?! Honestly, we would either be the greatest friends in history, or the best enemies in history. No in-between.

P.S.S: I would also DEFINITELY recommend (from what I read) this book to kids between the ages of 7 to 13 who love light fantasy and who may or may not, be on their way to adoring Queen Charlie. And yes, she is indeed, a queen. I just made her that. My word is final. *snort*