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Guest Post Time!

Okay, so, I really want to introduce all of you to a very good blogger friend of mine *dramatic music*

Baker of Cardan Muffins...

Memer (gifter of memes) of the greatest empires...


Let's welcome, Brooookeeeeeee.

(Brooke for reference)

Hello there! I'm Brooke from The Reader's Game and I can't do introductions that aren't stolen from Star Wars.

I'm a bookworm who is(all too clearly) obsessed with Star Wars. I enjoy skiing and running! I am an aspiring author- it will be fiction because I can't pull my brain cells together long enough to research and write non-fiction that isn't about my experience eating a donut. I've eaten a lot of donuts. I've always taken an interest in reading, art, and good food! I love traveling and talking! I'm always up to talk about books, movies and giving and receiving recommendations.

Bookish chats are the best type of chats! I love all things fantasy and mystery!

Fantasy + Mystery = Happy Brooke! I love any book by *rearranges notecards* Stuart Gibbs, Victoria Aveyard, Scott Westerfeld, Marissa Meyer, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Jennifer Donnelly, and Alan Gratz!

I fully recommend any book by Jennifer Donnelly! Donnelly is an incredible author! Her novels are engaging, and I love her characters and the way she grows them. She writes in a variety of genres, so you will be able to find something you enjoy! Her books would also be great introductions to genres!

Thanks for reading! I'm always looking for ways to spread the word about great books and reviews! I hope this post wasn't too painful to read 😂 Thank you!

You can find my blog here: https://thereadersgame.wordpress.com/

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