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Fire Wave (Book Review)

by Ana Stanojevic

This was such a nice journey. I'm still a bit confused, but nice indeed. When am I not confused though??


Spoiler Free- Synopsis:

Aiyana never expected that her life would change drastically.

After having a near-death experience and her company being attacked, Aiyana is shocked to wonder who would attack the work place and for what purpose. She found out that some classified chemicals had been stolen from Ihode Labs but despite the warning from the Head of the Company, Aiyana pursues her curiosity even further.

She soon learns that there is an evil brewing, nestled somewhere in Earth. Wanting to stop the threat, Aiyana never expected to do something that would be out of her league.

Me finishing this in one sitting like:



Special thanks to the author for a digital copy in exchange for a review!

Rating: 3.0

So many things happened in this short novella. Betrayal, superhero deathly dealings, robberies gone astray... and it was nice. Not great, but highly entrancing. (that's an A from me!)

Keeping my review as concise (who? me? Pfft, okay I'm trying y'all. It's really difficult to shut ze mouth when all of this bubbling information is burning my tongue) as possible, I shall do a short albeit honest tale to entertain souls. Or for smart souls to procrastinate with.

The first thing that basically jumped at me and tore at my hair in hopes of attention, was the fact THAT THERE WERE OTHERWORLDLY BEINGS IN THIS STORY. Yep, y'all know I'm a sucker for the things that live outside our realm of understanding. Like, pretzels, for instance.

The plot of this mini-story was filled with mystery and more than its fair share of possible plot twists. And when I say possible, I mean me being the enormous trust issues filled... thing, actually figured them out beforehand because I just knew everyone was suspicious. Literally, that's always my ish. Suspicious of everyone unless proven otherwise, with making a sacrifice. Very dangerous stuff, yada yada. So, the pace was quite fast and quickly moved over the rocks of slight plot holes that I didn't pay too much attention to (remember, it was moving at the speed of lightning, I needed to be thunder *muffled snort*). And perhaps that's one of the things that took a little out of the overall enjoyment of the book. Yes, it was action-packed, yet I was left feeling a little... lost. Punches here! Punches there! Thrown into a wall here! Thrown into another wall there! Wait, plot twist, look out! It felt kind of like being in a video game where you don't know all the rules, but you're set to win the dang medal because, darn it--- that second book be looking real nice. That's possibly one of the few reasons why I didn't love this book as much as I could've, however, I do see the potential in future plot development and I'm all here for it!

The writing was right to the point, didn't leave me wondering for 50 pages, who the heck was talking. (it has indeed happened before and it was painful) Expressed things with enough descriptions for me to visually be there with the characters as they fought villains and escaped chases. I would've loved for it to have been more showing than telling, nevertheless, a perfect one to have a nice evening with. Surrounded by popcorn, one of the Spider-Man movies playing softly in the background... illuminating your haggard face as you, yet again, begin to feel the onslaught of sleep deprivation... what a wonderful time to be alive, y'all.

Moving on to the characters! I do believe my enjoyment scale would've been higher if this were to have been classified as a middle-grade superhero book. (I do believe a lot of people from that age group would adore a story like this one)

Dear Aiyana, the main character of my soul. Please repeat after me. You. Do. Not. Go. Into. A. Police. Investigation. When. You're. Not. Classified. For. It. Seriously, boo. What did you expect? To go out figuring everything and somehow not getting yourself killed--- oh, oh you did. Oh, okay. Um... this is slightly awkward. In all honesty though, come on, her lab was destroyed. Basically almost killed her. She took some self-defense classes, and suddenly she's Batman/Robin/Black Widow? HAHAHAHA, I think the heck not. Apart from small inconsistencies with her actions throughout the pages, I liked how fierce ad utterly stubborn she was. Wasn't about to give up her city for anybody, no ma'am.

(okay, but, get this--- she started chasing after robbers! Aiyana, please do get some brain cells. I like you, but I would be dead if I was in your place. Pfft. Wait, hold on, I would be dead either way-)

Now, the rest of the characters are enveloped in a shroud of spoilerness, so I'll abstain from naming anyone too specific. (also because my brain is out of business and has yet to return to me) They were okay, filled the book with sassy moments that I appreciated and frankly, I cannot wait for a certain villain to get a redo.


*cough* On a closing note, I sense a lot of potential coming into a series of a heroine that makes dumb decisions and gets hurt because of them (it's so rare when that happens, honestly). I crave good pain scenes, makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable, okay? The plot was pleasant, the characters needed a little work, but I craved to hug them (or slap them) either way, and the overall feel of the narrative was quite good.

I cannot wait for some good villain POVs, oh my GAWD-


  • How quickly the story progressed.

  • The MC getting served left and right.

  • The villain's shadow.

  • Did I mention the villain's shadow?