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Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt! (50 followers Activity)

*intense screaming matches with my several alter egos*

*squealing intensifies*

*the nonexistent crowd goes quiet*

Mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentle dragons, the people have spoken (the best people ever, though. The Dead Donut Gang is liiiiiiiittt) and the votes have been counted, I hope this is as good as I can make it because y'all deserve the best. (porfavor bear in kind that I've included digital books that I have and or are waiting to be read in said ebook shelf)

Badum tssssss, Bookish Scavenger Hunt! Now, several Deadlings have spilled their wonderful brain plasma and have asketh of me some very important books to find. So, without further ado, let us commence the show.

*magical trumpets appear from thin air*

(I was thinking about The Greatest Showman, please ignore those random tidbits)

Navya's Scavenger list AKA, Beautiful Ruler of Sass and Webtoons.

1. What is that one book/series you never recommend because it's just yours, your precious little donut child, and you don't want to share it with anyone. (Navya, that makes no sense)

~(Boo, it makes absolute sense) Oh, I think I got this one in the imaginary hat. The reason why I wouldn't necessarily scream at the word to read this because it has copious loads of insta love and a bit of toxic masculinity which I want to stomp on, however, regardless of that, is incredibly bingable.

The Gray Wolves series. Oh yes, I can see the covers. And yes, I can absolutely smell the word 'mate' being used 6789 times each chapter. But come on, it has one of the best friendships I've ever read of. Even though the guys are overprotective, I can fantasize about squashing them like cockroaches and teaching them the meaning of not being like that.

2. What's a book someone else recommended that you absolutely love(d)?

~Oooo, this would be The Cruel Prince recommended by a very good friend from GR! That series is a lovable hate field for moi. (I know it doesn't make sense, I'm sorry) Cardan is one of the kidnappers of my heart and if he would eat all the donuts in the world, I would go all machine gun on him, but gently. With rubber bullets.

3. A book with the MC on the cover?

~ Ruby Red, dear friend. Again, a very unusual book for me to like as much as I do, but I can't help it. My 14-year-old past self will murder me if I bash it in. Also, those dresses though...

4. A book with an adaptation that beats the book itself?

~Ahahaha, I never thought I'd see the day. See, the book wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best. It was okay. But the movie just knocked it out of the park, to be honest. (please forgive me, friend of mine who recommended the book! I have nothing against it, I swear) And that is, How I Live Now. I have no idea if it was because the movie was a bit (a lot) different from the book, however, I ended up enjoying it substantially more. (carving my coffin now, please hold)

5. The book that contains THAT ONE PERSON OF YOUR DREAMS who you will adore until death.

~Oh em gee, this is very difficult, but I'll try to peel it off like a band-aid. Or a wax strip. The Book Of Ivy. The book's worldbuilding was, in fact, very disappointing, but I'll forgive that transgression because of Bishop. He is bae and husband and perfect. There's no stopping my mouth from babbling away about him. I wish he liked short girls though, whatever, I can wear stilts, no worries.

6. A book you ugly cried at?

~I cried so hard on Allergen, literal rivers were drowning me in sorrow. Maybe now I'll dislike The Divergent series but back when I first read it, oh my goodness. I was in a comatose state for a few minutes.

(also, yes, I get that it's controversial. But the paiiiinnnnnnnnn)

7. A book you bought with a very, very good cover? / A very good book with a terrible cover?

~Darn, that I bought? It's been so long since I've bought a book. *sobbing* Okay, okay, Into The Bright Unknown is a definite candidate because it has this gold detailing at the cover has a slightly matte feel that brings memories of the first time I touched Cinder. And as for the second question... Obsidian. I'm sorry, but no. that's all I have to say, no.

8. A really popular book you loved?

~This book was popular a few years back, and I hold no shame in saying that I loved it (in a conjunction with the rest of the series, of course). Caraval. That ish is amazing as heeeeeccckkkk. The writing is drool-worthy, the guys are awesome. The MCs were good. All in all, Dante call me please. (no shame, no game. Um... yeah)

9. A book that is ~that~ childhood nostalgia.

~Flowers on a cracker, TLC was my childhood crushhhh. I read through those books, sat in silence for a while, and reread them. It's inevitable! Every time I one of those books it's like a warm hug amidst all the bloodshed of more YA books. And by the way, it still is my crush, overall.

10. (I'm sorry, there are so many) A book that makes you feel like a deadly assassin royal...person. You get it.

~(never be sorry, I needed this therapy. And I absolutely get it.) Sherwood is the book I was looking for. Do I remember all that happened? Pfft, no. But I believed I was freaking Robin Hood for the majority of the book. And I liked that, I liked it a lot. (my hand to eye coordination is god awful so if I can experience at least this in fictional words, I'll take it!)

ATheReader Scavenger List AKA Empress of Immortal Realms.

1. Best smelling book? (HAHAHA just go along with it)

~You have literally spoken to my soul. Wait a sec, let me sniff the books. I'm back! And yes, I did just sniff some of my books, sue me. Wildcard is the winner for this one. I don't know if it's the subtle woodsy aroma of the pages or the way the words gave off the scent of intense worldbuilding. Either way, it smells heavenly.

2. A book that is appropriate to be gifted with flowers? (Fancy, romantic, you get me)

~Ooh la la, fancy-shmancy, I see you. And okay, I would ask if the flowers are black, but I'll assume they're the luscious color of freshly spilled blood, so with that, I would say The Inheritance Games. Elegant, conniving, a splash of romance, and if the rose has some code printed unto a leaf, all the better.

3. A book that should NEVER be adapted? OR A book that would be better as an adaptation?

~Never adapted? Easy, The Selection. Um... the series is good as it is. Never ever adapt it, please. It will either turn out exactly as The Bachelor or a very cringy thing about an hour-long, justifying Aspen's horrible toxicity. And a book that would be better as an adaptation, Ash Princess. It had a lot of potential and somehow managed to fall short. Maybe a little movie magic and a whole lot of plot changing will serve it right.

4. A book that gives you the feeling you get after you've shattered a glass vase? (A perfectly normal question to ask.)

~(Completely normal, dear friend) So... *thinking*... satisfied, yet bittersweet because I have to sacrifice some moolah to replace the vase and lots of time on picking up the pieces... Rules For Being A Girl. Angry, truthful, and yet bittersweet because I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. Maybe that vase breaking wasn't worth it with this one.

Queen V's Scavenger List AKA Splendorific Queen of Elves and Mythical creatures.

1. Book with stars on the cover

~Mwuahahahaha, I have the perfect one. Super unpredictable, Star Daughter. Maybe cheating? Yeah. Perhaps a cop-out? Uh huh, I still have to read the book. Procrastination, who? Not me, I'm here being a couch potato. My procrastinating schedule needs to take a break sometimes.

2. A book that put you in a slump

~ The Queen's Rising. I cannot with the irritation I feel towards that book. Annoying, unfulfilling, useless romance, horrible MC, warrior protagonist? Ha! Not here, folks. Move along. Can you believe that the only time she fought, she got stabbed with a sword? At the end pages? I mostly laughed, to be honest.

3. A book that's a retelling

~ Stepsister, by the glorious Jennifer Donnelly. That's all I need to say. It was awestrucking, delicious, and gritty. Just the way I like my book to be served.

*slurps drink excessively*

4. A book with a warrior on the cover

~ I need a moment to contain my tears. Silverlegs. I- I have given up hope already. The second book does not even exist. And it is causing me so much pain, y'all. But you can totally read it, so you can suffer with me, btw. *smirking*


I am so happy that y'all took the time to vote and ask these wonderful questions! My hands are getting numb for typing so long, so maybe I should take a break soon (says the same person who decided to write six reviews in a row and finished only one. Procrastination works, kids)

I hope you enjoyed this super long, chaotic hunt for books that I may need to re-read soon, and I'll see you when the chicken lays pigs or something. *cackle*

Adios, and stay sassy, dear deadlings!


(That kitty looks high key traumatized, omg- Like someone is holding its family hostage at gunpoint if the kitten doesn't give the people his cute wave- )