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Books I NEED to read. Like, Yesterday.

Hehehe, it's that time of the century again. The time when I recognize that I am horrible at keeping up with new releases and end up reading those books, five years after they're published. Because I adore procrastinating.

I will pile as many as my already cramping fingers will allow and will do so from 'I NEED TO READ THIS ALREADY, SOMEONE FORCE ME' category, to the 'I NEED TO READ THIS', similar, yet so different.

First on the list, Shadow & Bone. The fact that the TV show is already out, and I've opened the book twice jut to stare at it, is proof of my amazing procrastinating capabilities. I have a feeling that it will just be a meh series, mainly because of the Mal-nourishment and mal-practice imbued into the romance aspect. I also have a feeling that regardless of some moral rules that I may need to follow, I will be innately obligated by my inner villain worshiping self, to fall for The Darkling. Firstly, the name. I love it, I'm already squealing. Secondly, the villain aspect. Sorry, but not sorry. It just is.

Reasons why I need to read this ASAP:

  • I need to understand all the references spoiled on basically every platform.

  • I am craving for some villainous romance.

  • Maybe I'm easily influenced, but I want to know if Mal is a s awesome as everyone says. *COUGH*

Let's continue with Letters To The Lost. The kind of raving and screaming and sobbing this book has transmitted to BookNation, is insane. Friends have kindly threatened me to read it, promising tears and utmost heart breakage. But that's the thing, I want to cry for a book that ensures those elements. However, within the dark spaces of my soul, I feel as if I won't shed a tear. I won't feel what I need to feel and that will make me feel horrible. I do not want to be a stone rock, okay? I cried the other day on a video of adopting tigers, my emotions vary day by day.

Reasons why I need to read this ASAP:

  • I fear for my life if I do not do so.

  • I want to know what all the rage and pain is about. I want to feel like my whole entire self is being squeezed through a meat processor and left to rot on the side of a commercial airplane.

  • Is it bad that I want to know if I'll cringe? Love stories aren't my gig most of the time.

The Poppy War. Can you hear that? It's the sound of all the fangirls yelling at me not to partake in the torture whilst silently wishing for another young naive soul to get introduced to their loving coven. And yes, I will play the part of the young naive maiden suddenly thrust into a world full of pain and heartbreak. I will do so, because I owe it to my dark alter ego to sacrifice a part of me, in hopes of finding a five-star book such as this book has the potential to be.

Reasons why I need to read this ASAP:

  • If I don't read this at the time when I'm most likely to make horrible decisions, (i.e. now) I will never get over the fear that attacks me when thinking of reading this book.

  • I am salivating for some hard to come by war books that have intrigue, strong female warriors, and actual gray characters.

  • I am dumb, sue me.

Let me make myself as crystal clear as possible, I am at that stage of my existence where books like Allegedly govern my entire brain. So yes, this list will be based on future great decisions that will make me want to drown in self-hatred.

Monday's Not Coming. Uh-huh, we're starting it like this. Tiffany P. Jackson has been on my nerves to start this book (and by that, I mean me trying to force myself to read this one) and frankly, I feel like I owe it to those missing popcorn moments. I owe the watery corn by-product of my tears a better life. I look forward to thriller, mystery, scream-out loud moments. In other words, Tiffany, do your thang. (please do so, I can't handle more disappointments)

Reasons why I need to read this ASAP:

  • The author, y'all, it's the author for me. So far, she hasn't done my heart wrong. Well, she actually has but in the best way possible. Leaving me in a comatose state for a while.

  • I think- no I KNOW, that I feel intimidated by the fact that this book is 500+ pages long. I don't mind long books, however, for me to jump into the lava pit of emotions this book will most likely bring me, I need about 89 funny books before this one.

  • I love gritty, dark, makes-me-question-myself books. They're my safe Hades. (pffft)

Lore has been on my TBR for as long as I can remember. Medusa meets modern glory time, and I'm not there to experience it in person? Sad, but a resounding yes from me! I adore mythology, especially when it's done right. If you know, you know. I desire the angst, traitorshippity (I am pretty sure that's a word, don't know from where, but it is), family trees that confuse the living ghosts out of me, and the inexplicable sense of 'Sweet Home Alabama'. (seriously Zeus, what's up with you-)

Reasons why I need to read this ASAP:


  • Mythology.

  • My love for... mythology. (wow, so articulate)

A Sky Beyond the Storm. Oh, porcupine on a roadkilling spree, I have no idea what to do with this one. Don't get me wrong, I already have it. It's there. Quite present. Have I picked it up? Yes! Have I actually opened it? Psh, no! Whatever do you take me for? A smart human being? Haha, I think the heck not. I liked this series. Even enjoyed it quite a lot. But I just don't get the point? I don't remember half of what happened in the previous books, and I'm, again, scared to read them again. (don't ask me why I don't know) Let's see if the dozens of good reviews and the dozens of bad reviews confuse me more as to when to pick this up. Oh wait, they did.

Reasons why I need to read this ASAP:

  • Years have passed (no they haven't), decades have rolled me over (... no), I think it's time I give this series the whole chance to win my heart.

  • A good fantasy is very, VERY improbable to hit you in the head with its beauty, I need that to happen with this one.

  • I almost never finish serieses (series's? seriesis? I honestly give up), for this same reason. I need to fix this dilemma of mine. Consider this story as a... redemption scapegoat.


So yes, that's it, dahlings (I just saw Cruella, now every thought of mine is said in a posh English accent. Hmmm, my inner Bookrella is shining) I now need to search for more books to add to my TBR instead of completing the May book compilation, nay, I shall first start it.

My TBR is quaking, how about yours? Ooo la la, any recs for moi to add and basically die over?

Adios and stay sassy, dear deadlings!


(If I do that, I'll look like I'm trying to kill a mosquito. That or cleaning a window)