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Bookish Outfits{Procrastinating Glob}

Hallo, dear lovely munchkins! (I'm hungry)

I hope you're doing absolutely wonderful and that your bookish existence has not annihilated you yet!

So, since I wanted to think out of the box and further complicate my frail existence, I've decided to do an Outfit segment! Well, concerning books, of course.

Wait, that wasn't dramatic enough.

Bippity Boppity

Clothing is the new...

Mopity? I am blanking here, guys. Bookish Outfits it is. Darn it, it didn't rhyme.

*claps hands* Since my fashion sense is not that adventurous, (at all, actually. My closet consists of black/gray/ random color shirts, denim everything, and lots of flowy dresses. WoW so QuiRkY), I've decided to stem my inspiration (however long it lasts) on certain YA characters that I've met during my reading career (this is what I say when someone asks what I do. I read). Sometimes I'll add books to them and other times it'll be something equally out of nowhere such as, 'Not Like Other Girls' outfit. Which will be obviously, not like the rest

I haven't seen this type of post done just yet so please, if you're going to use this idea, make sure to credit this blog in your post! I didn't do a tag for the sole reason that it isn't one, more like, Procrastination at its finest. When have I ever not procrastinated though? (don't answer, porfavor)

Each outfit will be defined by certain points, like A,B,C etc. To make it easier to break them down and spill the... um...needles?... Um, yeah moving on, some outfits will have makeup included whereas others will not include them. Because either they don't have it or I don't have the energy to add them. *snort*

I want to say that this is no way to offend anyone's fashion sense or style (I know for a fact that I'm no judge of that, I tried a messy bun the other day. I looked like I was on something) just for pure entertainment purposes only. And like, ranting of course. Leave your thoughts and opinions below, and some of your favorite outfit pics (or clothing items), so if I get the weird urge to do this again, y'all can be featured! Just please keep your expectations down on the low, my fashion 'sense' isn't all that good. Bear in mind those outfits are how I see the descriptions, y'all may see them better. No yeah, definitely better.

Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

1. The Wonderful YA Tomboy Chick.

This character is mostly present in books like Girl at Heart by Kelly Oram (which I absolutely adored) and Playing to Win by Stephanie Street (which I haven't read yet... but I have the book! Just not in the read pile. The title is what's important, forget the rest *snickering*) This girl mostly grows up in an all-guy family (or no guy family in which the dad dotes on her), plays some sport, and/or ends up in a predicament involving a cute guy who plays with her. She then denies every feeling for him until the end. So NiCe.

If you want to get some 'points' with the boys, she's who you should ask for help. According to the book, I mean.

A.) Almost always, she's described as having a messy ponytail and girl next door type of beauty.

B.) This is the spare hoodie that she most likely borrows from someone when a certain mean girl spilled her Grande Ice coffee on the MC. (can you tell I have no idea what that is? Does that even exist? And is it good?)

C.) The first hoodie the MC was wearing before the 'mistake' which was provided up there. (I would low-key, high key wear that one to the grave)

D.) Oh yes, very necessary to bring the tomboy image to a complete show. The baseball cap.

E.) SPORTS. OI, PASS THE BALL, LET'S MAKE A GOALLLL. Wait no, what's that from. Hm. That's not from baseball, is it? No. Darn it. And here I was, so confident.

F.) A 'ratty', 'sporty' backpack that has been with them since in the womb. They came out holding it.

G.) Duuuuude, tell me all of them don't have the same converse sneakers. I want to know. (confession: I've never worn a converse in my life)

H.) Ripped jeans in the house!!! Ventilation, flexibility, um... Lewk. All of that in a great package. Sprinkle some dirt on them to show that they've actually been worn. *teehee*

2. Typical Cheerleader Combo

Now this one, my friend. Is a character that's in every YA rom-com book ever. Make that every YA book AND movie out there. There's always this one group of girls *cough* Mean Girls, that roam around in the school in high as heck heels (I think they're trying to reach Heaven with all the click-clacking dinosaur stomps), chewing gum and swinging their heads like they're playing ping pong with it.

Oh! And she will most likely backstab you.

A.) As forementioned, said hair has to be in immaculate position (bonus points if it actually says the word), has to have extreme bouncy ability to turn down peasants all day long, and has to be as shiny as my forehead.

B.) They are 9 times out of 10 always wearing makeup. Before 8 am. Perfectly applied makeup. It's a wonder I remember brushing my teeth that early.

C.) And of course, y'all, expensive jewelry. How convenient for them to be rich as well.

D.) Two bags, yes. I did put two bags there. Why? Well, duh! One is for lunch and the other one is for dinner.

E.) Heels galore, which I would love to wear if I didn't have the ailment called 'gravity'. Browny points if they're towering ones. I really don't know how their ankles survive-

F.) The mini skirt which they shorten about an inch or like, twelve and don't get dress coded.

3. Emo- Goth Rocking Gal

One thing's for sure... I had way too much fun making this one. This is another character that is available for purchase in every teen movie. The girl is most likely a background character who hates everything and anything but actually doesn't hate everything and anything. She has a fiery temper and almost always speaks in a very lethargic, monotone voice. (hehe, like me in the mornings, hehe) Apart from that, she is a very loyal friend who will go to the end with you.

A.) Makeup is usually essential to express the void of the missing poetic soul of these type of characters. Black is the key.

B.) The hair is either in a messy bun, shaved sides, or a Mohawk. Depends on how far the people are willing to go into the Cliché zone to retrieve the materials.

C.) The upper buddy attire is very important because it has to hide blood stains from the inevitable punch someone is going to receive in the middle of the day. Chains, ripped sides, or a simple rock band t-shirt will do to get the point across.

D.) A choker type of necklace is a very primal aspect of the Goth clothing mash up. The more chains, the better!

E.) The accessories may vary but in 'school' the thing they usually wear is either a sharpie for graffiti or a backpack for sarcastic comments.

F.) Boots create an enigma of the character, bringing them a depth of morals and more chains for future strangulation of annoying beings. I also adore their shoes, so if someone could tell me where I can find a pair-

G.) A skirt or black pants will suffice, always remember, the more silver the item has. The more rebellious the person is.

H.) Earrings that impale.

Now, I shall sadly stop here because I ignored my other problems hoping they would go away, but of course. They didn't. I would love to know your opinions! This was extremely fun to make, and I hope that I have the mental capacity to do another one in the future. That is if y'all liked it. *WINK*

Adios, and stay sassy, dear deadlings!

What are other outfits you might like to see? Any of these catch your eye? Leave your answers and suggestions down below!