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Bookish Bucket List // A melodramatic onion

Dreaming about things I'll never have, craving feelings I'll never get to experience... isn't that what reading brings out? Unopened pages, fingers marred with ink, shaken hearts, dry souls, teary buckets of pain.

And of course, bucket lists!

See, this is me trying to give my alter egos hope. Maybe I'll grow wings and beat people with them every time I take flight, perhaps I'll become a billionaire in a few years and finally build an iron clad confidence that won't be hidden behind layers upon layers of vermin.

I can be extra positive when I put my mind to it.

Not Covid though-

[Dear Apollo,

I know you've left me to my own devices for the past 567 years, but I request forgiveness for the brokenness of the missing humor that inhabits this tepid body of mine.

And if you know, you deign to show thyself upon my mortal eyes, a ring and a veil will be awaiting you.

Love, your future wife]

I've honestly given up on having quasi brain cells, so now I'm running on an empty stomach, desires for things I should not wish to have (ahem, the blood of my enemies-) and this post which has been simmering in my mind for a while.

For the simple, complex and devious bookish dreams I hope to have:

Bookish Bucket list up ahead!


  1. Have a katana and place it above a bookshelf, so it doesn't accidentally kill me but if people see it, they'll be like 'ooooo, this girl is the speshul snowflake that survives an entire book just by repeating she's plain and unlovable for the whole thing.'

  2. I need a collection of fantasy daggers. It's not even a want, it's a need.

  3. Read on top of the Eiffel Tower while stereotypical eating a croissant.

  4. Got to the roman coliseum again, but this time, not be the pubescent bundle of stupidity that didn't realize she stood in the place of GLADIATORS.

  5. Buy a corset to accompany said dagger collection and see if the dagger actually fits inside said corset.

  6. Get a collection of fantastical gowns that make me simultaneously feel like a fairy and a slight power hungry witch of the non-dark magic kind.

  7. Sleep beneath stars whilst clutching a book without being infected with an airborne disease and or eaten alive by insects.

  8. Drink hot chocolate with the Queen while we discuss the uber fancy act of getting drowned with holy water from a book.

  9. Throw a book across the room in a fit of frustration without feeling guilty about it.

  10. Read a book that's called 'useful' nowadays. Like a How-To Kill Efficiently Without Touching The Victim guide for the dumb and drunk.

  11. Get drunk on sugar and start a ballad of songs related to the crappiest books known to earth. Serenade passerby.

  12. Run into a bookstore with an old dress while clutching Romeo and Juliet and declaring that love is merciless and the sweetest kind of torture. Also, scream for a discount.

  13. Go to a cliff and dramatically pretend to feint to see if someone is honorable enough to grant me my meet cute.

  14. Get bitten by a werewolf.

  15. Hate someone enough that they fall completely in love with me.

  16. Own a whole collection of bookish scents.

  17. Have an entire room solely dedicated to aesthetic-like stationary stands and floor to ceiling bookshelves.

  18. Do a full road trip to visit at least 20 bookstores and go home with 4 suitcases filled with stories.

  19. Dance in the rain.

  20. Strike a conversation with a random stranger that I see reading a book I loved. Or hated. Depends on my mood.

  21. Scream from the rooftop that the world shall succumb to the imperious weight of the Coven of Pages.

  22. Gently caress a tree while whispering, 'shhh, your death will bring about many heartbreaks, so when people's tears fall atop chapters, your thirst for vengeance will be fulfilled'.

  23. Find a forest enchanted enough to take pity on me and kill all the ants, so I can plop into the grass for a fancy picnic.

  24. Have a little mermaid moment with an underwater flirting session with a fish. I bet they're incredibly flirtatious-

  25. Skate under auroras in the North Pole.

  26. Travel to Italy, so I can read Love & Gelato without feeling like I'm having FOMO just by being near the book.

  27. Strike up a conversation with someone I find attractive by saying: If I were to stab you right now, what would you do? Would you love me-

  28. Meet up with all the humans who tolerate my existence from Goodreads and see how they fare with this intense person IRL.

  29. Have a conversation with my favorite authors of how much they traumatized me and how I long for them to do it again.

  30. Learn another language, so I can read books in that language as well.

  31. Go in pajamas to a bookstore and try to have a slumber party.

  32. Try to solve a murder whilst being a teenager and being super basic about it.

  33. Time travel and ask someone their favorite book. Perhaps become the book itself because somehow along the journey, this girl will forget the path back and fall for the misunderstood king of an unheard of island in the middle of nowhere.

  34. Get invited to a ball and eat all the appetizers.

  35. Stab someone.

And there you have it, lovelies! These are some of which have crossed my mind 45 times per second and I know I'll be adding more. So, stay tuned for Part 2? Also, note to self-

Make a deal with a fate that has a deadly kiss.
Just for the fun of it.

What are some things in your bookish bucket list? Any that you feel you're brave enough to do?