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Bookish Accessories to Make Life a Tad Bit Less Tedious

Also, have less money, but oh well.

Do I actually have any of these?

Ahahahaha, bold of you to assume that my Amazon cart ever diminishes. It just stays as it is until someone hacks my account and takes action with just buying the 567 items on there. (gifters that need to gift readers and don't know what to get... feel free to use this! *gentle nudge towards family members* *with a machine gun*

Now, *puts on glasses whilst flipping hair like one of the fictional characters she's leeched her personality from*, am I necessarily going to buy all of these items? Probably not, but in one of the many maladaptive daydreams I love to procrastinate with, the world is not dying, people are actually decent, and I have enough money to buy books AND accessories for said books.

I want a bloody katana, okay? *sobbing*

With fake blood sprinkled for effect, please.

(psst, I've included links, so you can hat

e me later)

1. Book Themed Fashion

Can you hear me cursing everything in the distance when I find wonderful t-shirts that cost more than a book and have amazing sassy and bookish phrases imprinted on them? That I cannot have? Because I can buy books with that money?

Just look at them, y'all. It makes me teary-eyed just thinking of smelling the new cotton scent and caressing the tags.

If there was ever a better time for a sarcastic werewolf to donate some moolah, I think this is it.


Amazon.com: Book Reading Reviewing Books Free Time Bookworm Bookish T-Shirt : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Amazon.com: Get Lit with Books Funny Meme - Gift for Book Lover, Reading T-Shirt : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Amazon.com: Abibliophobia - Funny Reading Bookworm Reader Gift T-Shirt : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

2. MUGS, yes, that needed to be capitalized.

Since I am not likely to start drinking coffee anytime soon (I promise I don't hate it, I'm just an energetically lazy person as it is, and if I drink coffee, I'll just start running yelling for the lamb sauce), I'll substitute it with the ever so healthy... pint of ice cream. Or tea! Tea is nie and healthy... right? With ice cream. (darn it, Booksy) Anyhow, am I actually going to use them instead of replacing my crusty, dusty, pencil holders with said mug? Pfft, of course I'll use it for everything BUT the thing it was intended for. Whatever you take me for? Smart? Aw, thank you.


Amazon.com: Book Coffee Mug, Book Lover Gift, Bookish Gifts, Librarian Mug, Bookworm Mug, Gift for Bibliophile, Books and Cats : Handmade Products

Amazon.com: Book Lover Mug Gift, Bookish Gifts, Librarian Mug, Bookworm Mug, Yes I Really Do Need All These Books (11oz) : Home & Kitchen

Amazon.com: I'm Not A Book Worm I'm A Book Dragon - Funny Worm Bookish Mug Reading Lover Gift For Geek and Nerd Readers or Magic Enthusiast : Home & Kitchen

3. Basic item? Probably, but here goes nothing. *Bookmarks*

But, like, not the paper bookmarks I always seem to lose. Nope, not those. I mean the ones I'll cry if I lose because they cost me an eye and 17 blood sacrifices to get. Those bookmarks that look like they stepped out of a fictional wonderland surrounded by fae kings and warriors with traumatized pasts.

Aka, ones with dragons, daggers, swords amongst other spiky things I can use to ward off devilish people that interrupt me.


Amazon.com : 30 Pieces Antique Swords Knife Bookmark Silver Sword Charms Pendants Bookmarks for Book Lovers Presents Reading Crafting DIY : Office Products

Amazon.com : Metal Feather Bookmarks with Butterflies, Page Markers, Gift Box Packaging, Gifts for Women, Children, Teachers Book Lovers(Butterfly) : Office Products

Amazon.com : Luminous Bookmark, Retro Glow in The Dark Reading Bookmarks for Women Men Lovers Kids,Book Markers with Pendant Holiday Gifts : Office Products

4. Bookplates.

Did I know those existed before researching? Haha, nope. Did I instantaneously fall in love with them even though they're not strictly necessary but come on, the aesthetic power is so good. Imagine this, Victorian Era, right? Sitting on a settee (yes, I googled that), flipping the pages of a mysterious romance banned for that time, a slight smile gracing your lips. You feel a slight chill grazing your fingertips and glance up, your mouth lets out a gasp. Right there, on the same shelf you took the book from, a pack of Bookplates. Bam, happiness.

Was that a long way of saying I would like this for Christmas? Y'all know me too well.


Amazon.com: Cavallini 18-Pack World Map Bookplates : Cavallini & Company: Office Products

Amazon.com : Personalized Antiquarian Bookplates- Set of 36 Book Labels, 3 3/8" by 3 5/8" : Office Products

Amazon.com: Cavallini 18-Pack Butterfly Bookplates

5. Bookish Stickers.

Have any of y'all ever gone through a slight (maybe more than slight) sticker obsession? I mean like, putting them everywhere. E. very. where. Quite the surprise when seven years later you find a box of staggeringly damp and moldy stickers.

Totally worth the money, though. Again, aesthetic. *runs out in a full gown*


Amazon.com: 100PCS Reading Stickers, Motivational Stickers for HydroFlask, Waterproof Decal for Teens, Trendy Vinyl Stickers for Water Bottles Book Laptop : Toys & Games

Amazon.com: Seasonstorm Vintage Books School Study Precut Anti-UV Waterproof Decoration Album Planner Stickers Scrapbooking Diary Sticky Paper Flakes (PK021) : Office Products

Amazon.com: Reading Stickers 102PCS Motivational Quote Decals for Students and Teachers Love Reading Book Positive Theme Vinyl Waterproof Graffiti for Laptop Water Bottle Skateboard Guitar Suitcase Pencil Case Gifts for Teens

6. Pillows to make your bed into a freaking throne.

Don't tell me you've never punched your pillow out of frustration. Or, at least, wished to do so. This is the perfect opportunity to take your rage and fangirling symptoms without actually, you know, eliminating someone.


Amazon.com: 963RW Funny Quotes in My Dream World Books are Free, Book Lover Gifts Reading Pillow Case Bookish Funny Book Lover Quotes Love to Read Throw Pillow 18 x 18 Inch : Home & Kitchen

Amazon.com: 963RW Funny Quotes A Book a Day Keeps Reality Away Throw Pillow Case, Book Lover Gift, Book Themed Gifts, Library Decor, Decorative Cushion Cover for Sofa Bed Reading Book Club 18 x 18 Inch : Home & Kitchen

Amazon.com: Yuzi-n Funny Sloth Book Lover Pillow Case, Bibliophile Gifts, Reading Pillow Case, Book Worm Gift, Bookish, Funny Book Lover Quotes, Love to Read, Throw Pillow, 18”x 18”Inch (one More - White) : Home & Kitchen


And of course, let's be honest. BOOKS. We need books too, you know, to actually use those accessories.

So yes, that will be the closing note of this wonderful journey in which I basically begged Amazon to telepathically send me a sample of all those things without actually having to pay for them.

Smart? Oh, why, not exactly.

Cheap? Pfft, yes.

Adios and stay sassy, dear deadlings!