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Beth & Lucy

by Katherine Shade


Sixteen-year-old Beth Meyer has three guilty pleasures: nineties sitcoms, crosswords, and—most embarrassing of all—the Lucy Hutchinson book series. They’re silly novels about Lucy’s adventures at a secret school for magic, but they help Beth imagine an exciting life from a safe distance.

That is, until the day Lucy shows up at Beth’s door.

Lucy claims that Beth's older brother Tim is going to be murdered. She says she wants to help Beth prevent his death. Which should be doable, seeing as she’s a wizard.

Beth is sure all those Netflix binge-sessions have finally gone to her head. She locks the door on Lucy and pretends the whole bizarre visit never happened. Then Lucy starts popping up everywhere—waiting for Beth in the school parking lot. Levitating Beth’s cup at Starbucks.

Beth is terrified of putting herself in danger for the troubled brother she knows doesn’t want her help. But when Tim starts behaving strangely, Beth realizes Lucy might just be right. And if she wants to keep Tim alive, she’ll have to work with Lucy to solve a murder that hasn’t happened yet.

Wait a hot minute. Pause the TV, close the book, blind the sun. Are you ready for a spoiler-free rant?

~Non spoilery reviews are killing my soul.~

RATING:🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐ 3.7

~Personal thanks to the author for giving me the wonderful opportunity to read an ARC of Beth and Lucy~

Okay, hello yes hi, what just happened???

Not me totally confused as to how the heck so many things occurred in the span of 200 pages, and they still made sense and the ending was chaotically great and my brain cells have yet to fully abandon the building. Totally not confused.

*cracks knuckles* Let's start a-ranting shall we?

First up the list (I actually made one mentally so half of the things I wanted to say got lost in between the other things I forgot to say about a book I wanted to review since 2017)

The Characters~

At one point or another (or like, the whole time) I wanted to physically assault them. Softly. With a machine gun.

But I'll just b-b-break it down for you. Because I'm considerate like that.

Beth: Oh Lord almighty, was this girl the most annoying piece of uneducated trash that I have ever read about. She was rude (and not even in the iconic way), didn't care for others (her brother was legit sentenced to death, and she was all like 'Oh! Me?? Am I supposed to be doing something? Apart from making Booksy want to discombobulate my face?'), was an absolute nuisance to EVERYONE (I realize that's basically the same as the aforementioned point, but I just wanted to let it be known that my distaste, dislike, and disgust towards her... is grandiose in its vitriolic existence).

Beth's anatomy: I AM















Lucy: Dear, sarcastic queen Lucy. You were an absolute joy. Every 3 chapters. Seriously, I do not understand how you would expect to jump into someone's porch and say 'SO HEY, I READ YOUR ENTIRE LIFE IN A BOOK (I KNOW, A BOOK, NORMAL RIGHT?) AND I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU THAT YOUR BROTHER IS MOST LIKELY GOING TO DIE IN THE NEXT THREE MONTHS, BECAUSE DUH, I READ IT IN THE BOOK OF YOUR LIFE, SILLY. And expect that to go well. I just- I just need a minute. Moving on to her actual personality, she was actually very nice, quite sarcastic and thank the flying chickens of Olympus, put Beth in her place more than a few times.

[I won't describe her anatomy so creatively because that up there, was the art of procrastination taking me by the gills and forcing me to do something worthwhile with my puny existence]

Lucy's anatomy: 😊🔪❤❤❤❤😍😑😆😒🤔😑❓👿💖💖💖

Moving on to the less known characters in the book

That car they stole from somewhere when something happened, and I cannot tell you what that something was, because then I would be *gasp* spoiling. That car was the real deal. Never ran out of gas. Ever.

Tim: He was, well. He was there. At this point, I don't even know what to say about him. Honest. He was just- you know those pretty build-a-bear toys that you possibly craved as a child (or still crave by that matter, we don't talk about that) and you actually FINALLY convince your parents of spending their hard-earned money in a piece of plush toy heaven to then have it star a protagonist in horror nightmares. But it's actually pretty insignificant? That's him.

Now, the plot. THIS is where the gold is. Bronze. Um... a gem. (ugh, gem sounds so cliché)

At first, I thought it was going to be oh so sweet. Rainbows, and magic, and murdering people. You know, a classic Disney Channel show story. Which I didn't dislike. But then it took a turn. And then another. And THEN another. I won't lie, at parts it felt rushed (especially the beginning)however, it slowly started evening out, and I was left with an unputdownable story in which sleep was not available for stock.

It is clear that they are a few imperfections, but that I think that's one of the charms of this debut novel.The pace was a bit weird at times, but the sarcasm in each character just ~shined~ (and no, I did not mean it in a sarcastic way, even though I AM talking about how good the sarcasm was)

I think that in some instances it tried to go deeper than superficial-fantasy- YA- novel, and that didn't quite rest well with my bookish soul, alas, I moved on, and found the read enyoable.

The Ending. The finale. Where the eggs were counted. The magic used. The final countdown song activated. The um... things ended.

I was content with the ending. It was one of those endings where you have a hunch of what's going to happen AFTER the book ends. Ha ha, get it? After... the revelation? I'll stop now. I really, REALLY wished it had been drawn out and had some sort of more present backbone, but it wasn't bad! Which is good. I legit loved the story premise and I truly hope the author continues the series, so that she can exploit the plot more and be able to develop the aspect of magic better. Not a lot of authors can pull of a 200+ page book in their first try that doesn't sound absolutely crazy (ahem, totally not my book. Which, you may ask? Exactly.) and or incoherent. So, closing note, did I love this as much as I could've? Unfortunately, no . There are many things that didn't season my tea. (...what?...) My opinion in no way has to have a sway on yours, I was just asked to be honest. And that's what I did. I let the honesty pour like... (trying to think of another word instead of 'water') donuts. Pour like donuts. I am such a genius.

I truly recommend this book to readers who just want a quick, light fantasy, filled with deliciously fantastic banter and which may leave you feeling like 'WHAT IN THE HECK JUST HAPPENED' which is good. Now, dear deadlings, I shall depart this review with a few 'P.S' notes thrown in for effect because I probably forgot to add something, and I'll be adding it along the way. Because that's you know, intelligence at its finest. *Sassy salute*

P.S: The way Lucy handled a certain *cough* person was absolutely magnificent. Not to mention, that a person who can deal with Beth and not be in jail for committing homicide is... the epitome of patience. I am not like that. I'm like Mother Nature. Who doesn't give a fairy's pixie dust about how much CERTAIN THINGS ARE RUINING EVERYONE'S EXISTENCE, EVEN WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE STOPPE-

P.S.S: I promise I am a normal human being.

With slight insanity issues. But normal.