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2022 Reading Goals + Reasons to complete them

Let's get ready to input some goals that will probably never get accomplished, but that's one of my wonderful hobbies.

~Put goals.

~Try to pretend that I'm going to finish them.

~Give up on pretending.

~Welcome the new year, repeating the same process.


~10 Reasons to Complete those goals~

  1. You'll feel incredibly useful if you do.

  2. You'll be cultured. Well, as much as you can be when half the time you're planning a murder.

  3. It'll be fun! Right? RIGHT?! Right.

  4. Maybe I'll fall so in love with a non-fiction book it becomes my blood and finally makes people calling me 'smart' (when they don't even know the ish I read) valid.

  5. Perhaps I'll learn how to stop reading a book I don't like. Even when it pains me to do so.

  6. It will make me incredibly happy to coerce my parents to acquire more bookshelves even though there's no space.

  7. It will force me to build a treehouse in which to put those books that didn't fit in those bookshelves.

  8. The goals will provide a purpose to fulfill at the end of the day.

  9. I'll remember how obsessed I am with reading when school threatens to get away with my corpse.

  10. I'll be able to say, mother and father dearest... BOOKSY DIDN'T GIVE UP ON THIS-

*glances at 57 hobbies she dismissed*


Bookish Goals up ahead, choo choo!


Any bookish goals you'd love to accomplish this year?