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Welcome to Booktastically Amazing, (oh my gosh, so fancy) a place where spoilers are thrown like heart attacks and emotions are always high. Where sarcastic remarks are as normal as breathing and love triangles are the epitome of heart-wrenching beauty (when done right, that is, very sparse moments, but I have hope). Here you'll find reviews of some of the world's most acclaimed YA literary goodness (in my head) and honest opinions that will make you feel like less of a freak for loving books better than people (don't we all?). You will not know my name cause (Taken, duh) but feel free to call me The Queen of Books or The Lover of Werewolves, whatever floats your boat *snort*. Or just, you know, Booksy. I do not mean to offend any of your personal beliefs, and do not hesitate to call me out if I make a mistake (or mistakes) in my Gmail account. This is a place where you can feel comfortable reading what you want and thinking what you please. Unless you hate the love of my life. HA HA, silly people. Also, yes, I do random posts from time to time. And yes, I do include animals in post of those. Just- Just so you know in advance.



I sincerely hope you find all the book reviews you hope for and that you enjoy the amazing thing that is reading. And fangirling. And screeching. 
















PS. I'm also very melodramatic like verrryyyy melodramatic. So excuse me if I get overly excited, extremely sad or wall-breakingly angry. Please heed my WARNING! I wouldn't like to ruin a book for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this (If you did) and if you didn't well... I'll try to put as many WARNING! signs as I can.

Booksy out!

Not really though, I need to craft more posts so... Booksy coming soon!



Stupid Ish I do all the time:

  • I think I can get rich out of staying in bed and reading my life away.

  • Sometimes I scream at fictional characters because they're THAT stupid.

  • I make a lot of 'possibly going on a killing spree' comments that shall not be taken seriously. Unless y'all have a machine gun I can borrow...

Smart Ish I need to start doing:

  • Actually get money to buy more books.

  • Be a more calm book devourer. Devourtress. Devaurrr- okay, I'm done.

  • ....not ask for machine guns so much. Albeit as fun as they can be.

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