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The people here at Booktastically Amazing (Me, Myself, and I) are open to receiving book review requests be it an Advanced Reader copy or a reader requested book review. I hope that I'm able to review all of them and don't be disheartened if I take a bit of time to write the reviews. Remember that reading is for everyone's enjoyment, and I would be very sad if this blog turns into a duty for me. Thank you!


Requirements for sending a book to be reviewed:

1~ The epub version of said book is the only format I will be able to read.

2~ If you're an author and want your book to be reviewed, please make sure it is registered on Goodreads and is not part of a series.

At the end of every 2 books requested that I review, my brain will be taking a break to attack the ever-increasing personal TBR. And I promise that if I don't like the book, I'll still be completely honest whilst remaining a nice human being. Thank you for tuning in!


  • YA


  • Mystery/whodunit/crime fiction


  • Erotica

  • Horror

  • Nonfiction

  • LGBTQ+

  • Middle Grade

Types of book reviews I write:

  • Single books

  • Complete series


Questions, comments, and suggestions - Just let me know!

Thanks for submitting!

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